Friday, May 08, 2009

When in Rome...

Although they should know by now, today I confirmed to my in-laws that I am a little different. We are in Oxford, Mississippi for my youngest sister in-law's graduation. As I mentioned on twitter, John Grisham ate lunch two tables over from us. My reaction "meh." We didn't break out the cameras and I insisted on leaving him alone. Later in the day we toured around campus including sneaking into Vaught-Hemingway Stadium. Now I got excited. My wife: "You don't care about John Grisham but you get excited about a bunch of seats and astroturf!?" I didn't correct here that Ole Miss actually uses fieldturf, not astroturf. My pics below. The final pic is of an Ole Miss birdhouse. When will BC license one of those?


Big Ern said...

One of the funnest places I have ever seen a game live. Never seen as much pride about a school/campus as what I witnessed at Ole Miss. Only knock is that it makes alumni seem chock a block full. Nobody makes it inside the stadium before the beginning over the 2nd quarter.

Lally said...


You laugh, but my parents have a BC birdhouse. Let me see if I can find out where it came from.

Erik said...

Best I can do, my dad has a bucket for bottle caps sitting below a bottle opener in the back yard. He custom-pained it to say "Bottle Caps" but the B and C are in gold, and shaped like the BC logo.

He did this himself, I'm sure you could find a way to paint your own birdhouse Maroon & gold, or put some sticker decals on one, the a sealant.

Lally said...,BRD-12201.html

This isnt even the one they own. But its the only one I can find on google.