Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Davis gone

Official word is out. Dominique Davis is now transferring due to academic reasons. His destination is not known.

So now BC will start a QB this fall who has never thrown a pass at this level.

BC's official statement:


June 2, 2009


Boston College sophomore quarterback Dominique Davis has announced he will transfer after being suspended by the university for academic reasons. Davis is undecided at this time as to where he will transfer.

Davis completed 63-of-138 passes for 741 yards and six touchdowns with four interceptions last season as a redshirt freshman. He started the final three games of the season for the Eagles following an injury to senior Chris Crane.


CT said...


Does this mean the Tuggle Era has dawned?

Does that change people's thoughts regarding the season? No?

That should tell you something about Davis.

When losing a LB trumps losing a starting QB, you're not in good shape.

WI_Eagle said...

I assume that counts against the graduation rate....he is transfering while not in good academic standing...smooth move Davis

conlonc said...

Billy Flutie has thrown 3 passes in his career. 1/3 9 yds, 1 TD. All trick plays, never under center. He should be in the mix.

downtown_resident said...

Don't forget the possibility of McDermott.

While Davis was obviously not a world-beater, he looked like the least bad of a bad group at the spring game. I am not dancing on this guy's grave as the spring game showed we needed him.

Boisture and 2010 can't come soon enough.

conlonc said...

WI - under the dumb NCAA rules, a transfer counts against your grad rate no matter what occurs. Whether they are leaving or coming in, in good standing or not...they count against it.

Eagle1 said...

Good riddance. We weren't going anywhere with him anyway.

Deacon Drake said...

Possibly a blessing in disguise... Davis never seemed up to the mental and emotional maturity level to be a starting QB. He never seemed like the type of player who wanted to go out and take the job. And apparently he wasn't motivated in the classroom either.

Probably best for both parties...

Ry said...

can't wait to see what kind of illuminating response this elicits from HD

Erik said...

- In interviews he didn't sound like someone who could pass BC core classes.
- As depressing as it was, he was waaaay better than the other guys in the Spring Game (Davis a 'D', Tuggle 'F', Boek 'F')
- Spring Game doesn't mean everything, keep practicing boys
- If we want to ease the pain, BC should also mention his fumble stats next to his INTs
- This pre-season is a debacle
- OK Tuggle - you're our Johnny Moxon. Get'r done.

WI_Eagle said...

So since beating Maryland on Nov. 28 (a game in which Davis played pretty well) to win the Atlantic division for the second straight year, the team has.....

- Gotten slaughtered by VTech in the ACC Championship game

- Lost to Vanderbilt, Vanderbilt! in the Music City Bowl

- Head coach gets fired in a messy, public spat with Gene D

- Last year's defensive captain and second best returning defensive player blows out achilles and is questionable at best for upcoming season

- All-American linebacker and emotional heart and soul of the team is diagnosed with life threatening cancer

- Only returning QB with game experience becomes academically ineligible and transfers

Whats next? Are they going to discover that 13 BC players have been placing illegal bets on their own games? oh, wait a second....

blockparty said...

lets go spaz, tough times as a new head coach. you can do it.

chinapaulo said...

Wow -- I have no use for this guy. He's a third rate quarterback and a crappy student to boot. He will go nowhere in life.

Erik said...

WI Eagle -
From my personal perspective I can include:

Since going 18-0, we lost to the stupid Giants

The first quarter in the next season built for revenge, the best QB of ALL TIME gets his knee blown out

Despite heroic efforts by all in the organization, 11 wins does not equal a playoff berth.

Eagle1 said...

Jeff Jagodzinski - The gift that keeps on giving.

TJH said...

Hey Erik,
No one cares about the patriots on this blog. I could say, "since winning the World Series back in 1908, the Chicago Cubs have endured over 100 years of painstaking disappointment, both for the team and their fans." However, I understand this is a Boston College Athletics blog, so I don't need to voice irrelevant information about my sports spectator career.

On a more relevant note, Dom Davis never really seemed to get it. Look at his best plays from last year:
-the long pass to Gunnell on 3rd and 10 that got us deep into Wake territory. That was all Gunnell, beating 2 Wake DBs, to go up and get the ball. Davis just tossed it up there and crossed his fingers.
-the long TD throw to Gunnell in the Maryland game. No one was within 15 yards of Rich, and the throw was still a little off target. Gunnell had to do some uncomfortable-looking adjusting on that one.

Other than those, I can think of about 50 passes he overthrew, and I can picture the ever-apathetic look he displayed, even after throwing the game-losing INT against Vanderbilt.

While I know we will need a QB to step up and succeed, with Harris and Haden better than last year, we (hopefully) won't need much more than a "game manager" type at QB.

Is it Joe Boisture time yet?

Erik said...

Hey Thomas,
Your Cubs stink and they always will.

BCDisco said...

BC Football needs a bailout.

Eagle in Brighton said...

Wow, Davis was serviceable at best, but still, at least the kid had some in game experience. This season's going to be interesting.

With that said, count me fully on the Joe Boisture 2010 bandwagon. Watch his film online; the kid looks sick.

jay said...

thomas is dead on. go eat some more creamy clammy chowder, erik. hopefully that'll shut you up.

Erik said...

No reason to go through life uptight, fellas. And I'm allergic to shellfish. Movin' on.

mod34b said...

this is great news... begone with the lad...he was awful, awful, awful....couldn;t run, couldn't pass....

Craig said...

don't let the door hit you on the way out, 'nique. Buh-bye.

Eagle in Brighton said...

Davis was painful to watch most of the time, but seriously, who is now going to play QB? I'd rather have had Davis one year more mature as a hold over to Boisture, than an untested Tuggle.

BCMike said...

While this hurts depth, no one, and I mean NO ONE was under the impression that Davis was the answer. He had flashes of mediocrity but we ALL expected Tuggle to beat him out during Spring. It's the fact that Codi Boek stepped up that raised the most eyebrows.

He's got to be the odds on favorite now. I get the feeling that Boek is a "gamer" rather than someone who really shines in practice.

Dan Popko said...

I think, especially given all the comments, that we should be even MORE concerned about the 2010 season. Yeah we will have Boisture but after this season he will have a world of expectations ahead of him that could kill him. Whoever starts this season, while a lessor QB than good ol Joe, will be expected to be the worst quarterback in the history of the forward pass, a serviceable campaign will be good enough. If Boisture does not become a star from the get go, it'll cause chaos is Chestnut Hill.

eagleboston said...

Everyone needs to calm down and relax a little bit here. First, Davis was never going to lead BC to the ACC title. He's just not that good. Second, even with Herzlich, it was going to be a challenge to contend in the ACC. The latest adversity makes it that much more difficult. However, there are 90 players on this football team and I have yet to witness a college football team that did not have several players out due to injury, academics or disciplinary reasons. The other players now need to step it up.

And please, stop it with this Joe Boisture crap. He is not even a senior in high school yet. It will be months, perhaps even years before he contributes to BC football. It's going to come down to Boek and Tuggle. Spaz may just go with Tuggle to hasten his development. And don't count out Marscovetra. I seem to remember a one Doug Flutie started is career #4 on the depth chart in 1981.

BC has what I feel is a very good coaching staff, they have a great secondary, phenomenal offensive line and capable running backs and receivers. Have they faced more adversity than usual? Yes, but what does not kill you makes you stronger. Go Eagles!

Big Jack Krack said...

Well, it's always unsettling when something like this happens.

Let's go BC - toughen up - we can get through this.

I was never a D. Davis supporter anyway. Tuggle may turn out to be another Wilson at NC State or Boek could turn out to be a pleasant surprise. Davis was going to continue to fumble the ball into the hands of rushing linemen, resulting in deflating waltzes into the endzone. And he couldn't pass and he couldn't run - and he wasn't up to the challenge of major college football. We have some serious talent on this team - we need Tuggle or Boek to step forward and manage the game properly and play within the system. They don't have to be superstars.

This frees up a scholarship for someone who will appreciate it very much.

We'll fly way under the radar this season - let's use it to our advantage.

totheights said...

My thoughts on this. Davis was blah. He may have helped win a game or 2 this year but wasn't the answer for the future. This lets a QB grab some experience and figure own that needs to be done to be a QB at the Division-1 level.


America said...

This is the best news of the off season!!!!!!!