Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Davis media coverage and other links

It's the offseason so the media jumped on the Davis story. Here are some of the reactions and reports.

The Globe puts Boek ahead of Tuggle on the depth chart and also mentions Flutie moving back to QB.

Tuggle spoke with the AJC and although he feels for Davis he is ready to compete for the job.

Dr. Saturday recaps our slide from the Maryland game to today. Have we reached the bottom? I'll give my two cents soon.

Jerry York is being inducted into the Boston Sports Museum.

Here is the second part of Jayme Parker's interview with Herzy.

Spaz picked up a new recruit over the weekend.

There was a small contingent awaiting the baseball team when they arrived back on campus.

Bleacher Report puts Spaz at the bottom of the ACC Coaches rankings.

All Access is wondering about or QB situation.

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