Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Latest recruit and other links

Not much going on Tuesday but there is a short link to BC's latest recruit Andre Williams. Williams has so so offers and no recruiting ranking to speak of, but he hopefully will bring some nice depth to the position.

Ryne Reynoso continues to pitch well in Double A.

BCEagles.com put out an update of the summer plans for the baseball players.


America said...


Check out this website!!!

Duff Cooper said...

Is anyone else excited to see what Spaz will do this year? I think with all that has happened and with many things against him right now anything he can do to improve the teams situation would be a plus.

on this note I am starting my own blog, so any positive or negative feedback would be appreciated.


Big Jack Krack said...

We and Coach Spaz had better get the kinks out early against Northeastern and Kent State.

Thereafter we have as tough a 7 straight week stretch as anyone before we get a break:

at Clemson
vs. Wake Forest
vs. Florida State
at Virginia Tech
vs. North Carolina State
at Notre Dame
vs. Central Michigan

Each of these games will be very tough - including Central Michigan, which will be at the end of this grueling stretch, and BC will have to guard against any kind of letdown following our last game at South Bend - at least for the near future.

I am not discounting the last 3 games at Virginia, North Carolina or at Maryland by any stretch - but at least we have a small break before that final run.

What a season this is shaping up to be - let's seize the opportunity :-)