Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Rice's summer league plans and other links

This writer thinks Tyrese Rice can build off of his summer league opportunity with the Wizards. I actually think the Wizards were a bad choice. Like the link says, their summer team is guard heavy. But more importantly, Rice needs to be on a team that has an idea of how to use him. Despite his size, I don't think his game or D translates to being an NBA point. He needs to be on a team that shoots 3s and has good floor spacing (like Orlando this past season). If JJ Reddick can get good minutes on a playoff team, there is no reason to think Rice cannot do the same. He just needs to find the right fit. I hope Washington is it, but I think they are just his first step towards Europe.

Bleacher Report thinks Reggie Jackson is ready to step up and fill Rice's void.

Even with the outdated information in this link, it looks likes you can still bet on BC for six wins this season.


Erik said...

I didn't know Reggie was considered a college football prospect.

Erik said...

That article, though, says these things:

-With Rice graduating, Jackson will move into the starting five
-Now Skinner has his front-court solidified with soon to be juniors Joe Trapani, Corey Raji, and Josh Southern.
-He’s got his point in Biko Paris.

Obviously Rakim is a starter, and we've had many discussions on the message boards about the odd man out. I think its Raji for 6th man, if not then its still Reggie.

conlonc said...

Erik - agreed and I noticed that too. I'd rather Raji coming off the bench personally. Whichever way Skinner goes, Reggie will be getting major/increased minutes. Looking at the past, Al likes to use spark-plugs as the first off the bench (Sydney, Beerboem, Paris, Williams). So history may tell us that Raji is starting. We'll see.

Lally said...

In the comments section, the writer says he likes Sanders coming off the bench next year. That makes no sense.

Ultimately, Reggie will be coming off the bench, I think. Skinner really likes Raji and someone has to rebound for us next year anyhow. But Reggie will get plenty of minutes at the 2 alongside Rakim (playing at SF) and also running the point for a few mins a game to spell Biko.

Next year should be a fun to watch. 2011 should be really fun.

Andrew said...

conlonc, don't forget Watson.

Conte_Crazy said...

I actually called the wizards getting Rice somehow. I covered a large number of the home games for the Heights last year and the only team other than the local celts who had a scout at almost every game was the Wizards. The Wake game was packed with scouts, but the Wiz guy was always there sitting right next to me.

I think they might see him as a similar type player to Arenas and try to catch a diamond in the rough again with Arenas hobbled, still isn't the best fit.

zanemosqueda said...

I am that writer.

zanemosqueda said...

Who do you all think should come off the becnh? Just curious.

zanemosqueda said...

Sorry about that.

Ry said...

jackson should come off the's really the only option.

jackson can not start at PG over Paris
and he shouldn't push sanders out of position to the 3. benching trapani and moving raji to the 4 and sanders to the 3 does make us quicker...but it also makes us smaller, with less of an inside presence and rebounding ability, and without a real outside sad as that is to say