Thursday, June 25, 2009

Providence news (via Twitter) and other links

No official word from BC or Providence, but PC coach Keno Davis announced via his Twitter page that BC and Providence had signed a contract for a 10-year series between the two schools. Great new all around. The Providence game adds some consistent strength to our non-conference schedule and it continues one of the most important basketball rivalries the school has. Let's hope that in addition to continuing the series, BC puts some added emphasis around that game so that our newer and younger fans realize the rich history between the schools and get excited about the game. (Thanks to BC All Access for the link to Davis.)

New QB commit Josh Bordner didn't take long to act on BC's offer.

More on York and Parker Special Achievement Awards from the New England Sports Sports Museum.


BCMike said...

I'm glad we're renewing the rivalry with Providence. Regardless of which team was better, the home team always seemed to win those games.

While most every PC fan I've met has a pretty strong distaste for BC, I've always sort of liked Providence and cheered for them especially now that we're not in the BigEast. Glad Gene did this.

Bird said...

Can't beat rivalry games especially in basketball where lately it seems like a little more interest is needed to fill arenas.

I know Mercer/GA State/uga/Clemson all appreciate the day Tech rolls into town 'cause the interest level is high due to proximity/history.

conlonc said...

Boisture's gone. MSU.