Thursday, July 09, 2009

Gene absent on the power list and other links

Who is the most powerful person in the ACC? Gene D did not crack the Top 20 on this Power list. The man at the top of the list was featured in the Orlando Sentinel.

The Canucks expect Cory Schneider to stick at the NHL level this year.

The national recruiting guys are starting to notice that BC has a New England focus this year.

Davies' move to France seems eminent.

Mr. College Football predicts we will finish 5th in the division.

Here are ESPN's college football broadcast pairings. We'll be seeing a lot of the ESPN U teams this year.

USA Today posted a preview on the ACC yet barely mention BC.

ACC Sports caught up with Eagle Action's Eric Hoffses.

Flutie is still getting love from SI.

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mmason said...

Wow, the Orlando Sentinel thinks Dick Vitale is one of the 20 most powerful people in the ACC...Powerful as in his ability to do what exactly? Talk about diaper dandies until our heads explode? Talk about his manlove for all things Duke and Tar Heel until our heads explode? Wave his hands around ad infinitum and say "baby!"
and go all nutty tearful if anyone calls him on his astounding jive turkey BS until Coach K's head explodes? Gene should count himself lucky to be excluded on such a ding dong list. Bobby Bowden's on it for his "power?" I mean I love Bobby but how powerful is he really? Somebody explain this to me--a west coast old timer dude who doesn't see Pete Carroll as all that powerful in the Pac 10, even with all those powerfully impressive national titles. These power lists and nouveau Mt. Rushmores are filler for papers that have nothing of merit or import to print. Spongebob Squarepants could come up with a better list than this one.