Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Nonconference previews and other links

CFN has previews up of all our non conference opponents (not including lower level Northeastern). You can read them here: Notre Dame | Central Michigan | Kent State

No love for Spaz on this blog. The BCI guys touched on the same topic. I think you'll see a BC related pattern when the media looks at our coaches. If they are new, little will be expected of them (see Jags and Spaz). Once they accomplish a little for a few seasons they will become a overrated (see TOB).

Sorta NSFW...EDSBS had a little fun with our new customized ticket marketing. (I am 32 and a father, yet this sort of childish humor still makes me smile.)


conlonc said...

Did you know ND is fully loaded? Yeah, loaded under the HCs belt. I'll believe they're loaded when I see it. Although, with their puny schedule, if they don't win at least 7 games, it would be a major shock (and should result in a pink slip).

They wore leather helmets...

BCMike said...

Hey, at least they made BF McGee an Irish fellah!

Rob said...

I'd have more faith in the coaching rankings if this guy actually knew that BC didn't beat Vandy and Spaz wasn't head coach in Nashville.

"Boston College fired former head coach Jeff Jagodzinski for interviewing with the New York Jets at the end of last regular season. Spaziani coached the bowl game, which BC won, and kept the job."

I'll assume he just read something about O'Brien leaving and him coaching the Navy game, but still.