Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My take on HD's BC predictions

HD made three predictably predictable predictions about BC. Here is my take on what she wrote.

1. No middle ground with Shinskie. HD is optimistic about Shinkskie. I am less enthused based on early feedback. I think Shinskie will either be a great, great player who leads us for years or he struggles and is a nonfactor who doesn't hang around to ride the bench.

2. The running game will frustrate BC fans. We have the talent and a great Oline, but I think the new offense and untested QB will mean 8 in the box again and again, all in an effort to shut down the run.

3. The linebackers will be much better than people think. No doubt that Herzy and a gimpy McLaughlin won't be replaced easily. But I actually think the talent in place and the scheme will help the LBs exceed expectations.


Erik said...

I could see someone like Shisnkie throwing in the towel on football if it doesn't come together quickly, but that means his athletic career is done and he needs a job because the rest of his life is starting, so I see him sticking it out to get the BC degree.

Lally said...


What early feedback have you gotten on Shinskie that has lead to that view? I only ask because I don't think any of us have seen or heard anything about him yet.

Laxman said...

Totally agree on the running game, if we can't at least worry defenses with our passing game we'll see press coverage and 8 man fronts all year...the QB situation is the key to everything

Big Jack Krack said...

How many of us liked the running scheme last year under Coach Logan? I thought it was very predictable, even though the quarterback had options, etc. I recently watched the replay of most of the Clemson game which was shown on FSN or someplace (I stopped watching short of the Megwa injury) - and I was struck by how difficult it was for Haden and Harris to operate under such a system. It was frustrating watching the same play over and over and over again.

I look at it this way - we have a chance to be MUCH BETTER running the ball this year than last - and let's cram it down their throats when we have to do so. Yes, the QB situation is critical, but we're in better shape with Davis' transfer - that guy's upside was outpaced by his downside.

I'm still looking for Tuggle and Boek in the fall - and I still don't know what to make of this Shinskie deal. If it works out, great - but I hope it doesn't throw off the timing, so to speak - I hope it doesn't cause internal dissention. If we ever needed team unity - this is the year.

Let's go BC - fool them again - we know you can do it.

CT said...

I would like to hire BJK to write to me on those days I'm feeling disappointed about something.

Sometimes I come on here just so he can cheer me up.