Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rettig roundup and other links

The Rettig commitment generated some good press in California, in Boston and among the ACC.

HD thinks our QBs are the worst in the conference. We really don't know what we have. I actually quibble with the top of her list and think she overrates Lewis and Ponder.

Jamie Silva is ready to build off of his first year. (Thanks to Steve for the link.)

Rice played well in the Wizards' summer league game against the Cavs, but Dan Steinberg wonders if the team needs an undersized 2 guard.

I mentioned this on Twitter, but I think the ACC TV deal is a huge story that is under the radar. The conference will try to get SEC type money but faces economic and football challenges. Fortunately ACC basketball will help improve the overall deal. With donations and ticket sales down, BC needs the revenue from a TV deal now more than ever.

More on Davies move within Europe.

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