Monday, July 13, 2009

Rettig is an Eagle

Finally some good news on the QB front as Chase Rettig committed to BC. Like Boisture I expect other schools to keep recruiting him, but he has decent offers now and still wanted to come to BC. That is a good sign. Below are some links and video.

-- ESPN Scouting Report



heyitssam1006 said...

I think he stays an eagle. Dream school was USC but they won't offer because they have scroggins. He has a UTenn. offer but he has already made that choice. I don't think he gets recruited by anyone else but UT and we already won that battle.

joseph said...

espn's college football live is in MA tomorrow. the commentator mentioned that ice would be interviewed.

Daniel K. Eng said...

Nice to hear some good news about the football team.

By the way, here is a great article about our win over the Irish in 1993. One of the best reads I've had in recent memory:

CT said...

Always nice to read something about that game from a different perspective. Watched it in Edmonds with a dozen friends/roommates. That whole game was surreal. Foley to Mitchell, Foley to Mitchell. The blowout, the comeback, the missed INT on the final drive, the screen pass which gave Gordon the range, the lack of faith in Gordon, the knuckleball, Pete Kendall running down the field as the ball made it over the bar. I still get goosebumps reading stuff like that.

Definitely in the top two of sports memories in my life.

eagleboston said...

Which game is better? BC vs. Notre Dame in 1993? Or BC vs. Miami in 1984? Both were back and forth games with exciting, dramatic finishes. Both were on the road and both were nationally televised. Both featured future NFL QB's from BC (Flutie and Foley).

I can't decide as I absolutely loved watching Flutie work his magic that rainy SOuth Florida day but I despise Notre Dame and beating them after the 1992 drubbing was cathartic. The BC - Miami game, which I just realized is hitting the 25th anniversary, is more well-known nationally and is shown on ESPN Classic much more than the 1993 game. On the other hand, you could argue the stakes were higher in the '93 game as Notre Dame was #1 and going for a national title.

So, which ganme was better?

Big Jack Krack said...

Both games were fabulous.

The 84 game actually put us on the map and even though we were going to the Cotton Bowl - the win was huge for our school, football program, and Doug Flutie personally.

ND '93 - what more can we say? I'll give the edge to ND '93 because of the revenge factor over Lou Pipsqueak Holtz and how we knocked them out of No. 1 and the NC.

The ND game was better by a smidge.

But let me tell you, from an old fan, the last second victory over defending national champ Syracuse on September 19, 1964 in Chestnut Hill was pretty cool. They had Jim Nance and Floyd Little in the same backfield!

Can you imagine, it was the first game of the season - on September 19th? It was my very first game as a student :-) (Oh Boy, the years fly by) Marzetti to Cronin as time expired - the "Hail Mary" of that time. That game more than any other turned me into a rabid fan for life.

CT said...

I'm biased obviously, but I'd still say ND '93. That game was a week after "The Game of the Century" b/t #1 FSU and #2 ND, which ND won by a TD at home. The National Championship was right there (FSU has us to thank for their champ. that year).

Having David Gordon hit a 41 yarder as time expired, at Notre Dame, against the #1 team in the country, after that comeback and loss of momentum...has to equal or surpass the improbability of a Hail Mary. I mean...David Gordon!

David Gordon.

Not exactly Adam Viniateri.

Ahhh, my man DG!

Lenny Sienko said...


You are so right about that 1964 Syracuse game. It was really strange as, for the first and last time, BC had its new freshman, of which I was one, sitting in a USC-style card section, trying to make images and messages with multi-colored cards.

I think that was also the first tine I heard the cry of "To the Circle" for our victorious march to Cleveland Circle and an impromptu block party in the middle of the Circle. One can only imagine how the current neighbors would react to such activity. [grin]

45 years later I look forward to beating Syracuse again, soon.