Tuesday, July 28, 2009

No Blaudschun at the ACC meetings?

Is Mark Blaudschun not at the ACC meetings? We are two days into the event and he has yet to file anything with his byline. He may be there and collecting background but the fact that nothing is making it online or in the paper is not a good sign. As most know, the Globe is facing huge financial problems and could be reducing travel expenses.

I have been a critic of Mark Blaudschun's BC coverage at the Globe but I would prefer poor coverage from the Globe as opposed to no coverage. Sarina Mathai had an article this morning. Perhaps there will be new voices on the beat. Let's just hope we get some articles with depth and the occasional breaking news.

At the Herald, Conroy posted a good piece that shows Spaz's sense of humor.


Big Jack Krack said...

Atl - why don't you volunteer to send in a regular article to the Globe? They'd probably welcome it, and we could all help you.

You're an established blogger.

conlonc said...

I should publish the e-mail back and forth I had last year with Blaudsy. I expressed my disappointment in one of his articles and articulately expressed why I disagreed.

His response involved highly defensive assertions where he proclaimed he was entitled to his opinion. He also placed many words in my mouth while in this defensive posture. Certainly I expected more of a scholarly discussion (which is the way I presented my initial e-mail), but was let down. While it didn't cross any lines, I thought it was on the unprofessional side, and I haven't read his articles since.

Anonymous said...

Blaudschun had a story about basketball in the Globe last week. Maybe he's moved to a different beat - it wouldn't be unusual.
As far as his defensive response to your letter conlonc, not to defend his response, but as a journalist myself (not sports) one of the most aggravating things is reader letters. You bust your ass for little pay and then someone writes in and takes you to task, and especially if it's on something subjective, it'll get a nasty response. I'm shocked sports reporters even read their mail, given the nasty crap people say about them all the time.

conlonc said...

mto - my e-mail was very respectful and to the point without being personal. Mostly it explained my stance as to why I disagreed, not to show him up or whatever. I showed it to many objective people before I sent it, and they agreed there was nothing inflammatory or insulting about it. I don't blame you for thinking it may have been because that would be my first thought too about someone from a message board.

BCMike said...

MTO, FWIW I go out of my way to make sure to write to any collumnist who publishes a good article on BC. It doesn't have to be pro-BC, just one that shows they know what they're talking about and have put in the time.

While some folks will complain regardless of what you say, Blauds had earned every iota of criticism he gets.

Conroy has been eating his lunch for years. You would think that would have caused Blauds to move his arse.

I second the nomination for Bill to do a print piece...however I would prefer it be sent to the Herald, not the Globe. The Globe doesn't deserve such fine work.

mod34b said...

mto -- if you can't take the heat get out of the fire. you sound like the typical self-pitying, self rightous journalist. take a step into the world of capitalism, and see how you fare. its really incredible to hear that you and most journalists have contempt for your readers. are we just supposed to say thanks, your a swell guy! thanks for your candor and please don't feel so bad if i don't like your idea

mmason said...

As a journalist who has seen the slow degradation of the dino we call print, I think ATL needn't move to the world of ink--Let's tip our caps to the old world Damon Runyon's and just admit that Blauds is at the end of the line--Today, INK IS WHERE WORDS GO TO DIE. 30.

Anonymous said...

Mod34b, I was simply saying that it's easy to catch a journalist on his or her testy side - even if conlonc was respectful, which I don't doubt he was. I should probably stop commenting on it b/c conlonc knows best what happened and I didn't mean to question his truthfulness on what happened.
Now, as far as your comments Mod34b, you need to take a breath and think about what you're saying. We don't have contempt for our readers, but we do get a lot of nut jobs who write in thinking ad hominem attacks (like yours, Mod34b) deserve a response or will somehow change our minds (again, I am not saying conlonc is one of these folks). What is the purpose of name calling? You are seeing simply what you want to see and it has given you one miserable moment of bitter pleasure in your day I suppose.
As far as entering the world of capitalism, I have been freelance (that is, self-employed running my own business) for 5 years after having written at the highest level of the profession on various staffs, I make well over 6 figures each year while I get to be at home with my daughter and wife and go to beach basically when I please. Is it always easy? No. Do people think journalists need to treat them nicely even when they call them self righteous and self pitying? Yes. Would you dare say that to my face? You wouldn't. But your anonymity makes you feel free to be an ass to other people.

mod34b said...

MTO -- bragging about a 6-figure salary and that you get home at a decent hour is lame. And the threat to 'say it to my face' is idiotic. Of course I would say it too your face, but i'd rather not reveal my name on a blog. You might well be a psycho. You sound like one.

"say it to my face...c'mon, c'mon" ...

that is just so lame..geez.. are you really a journalist? seems very unlikely.