Monday, July 27, 2009

Spaz in the spotlight and other links

Spaz spoke with the media today and seemed to charm folks. He got a few laughs for this Shinskie line:
"The good news is he's 25. The bad news is he can buy beer for the whole team."

The Herald had Conroy at the meetings. Nothing yet from the Globe.

BC did not receive any votes from the ACC media.

Here is Matt Ryan's first national TV commercial.

This VTech writer put together a decent BC preview. The key for me though was his honesty when discussing the Hokies recent losses to BC. Is this now a real rivalry?

Dominique Davis made his destination official. After this one season he can transfer back to a DIA program.

These are some of the things the ACC is doing to improve attendance at the ACC Championship Game.

Quinton Porter's play has put him in the middle of a QB controversy again.


CT said...

The Davis article is funny: "The team gave me its best wishes." That's like signing "Regards" at the end of a letter. It's what one politician says to another after he loses. If somebody says "best wishes" to me, I just assume I've been turned down for the job or the date.

As for the ACC/Tampa article, can we please be honest about the ACCCG attendance issue? As a BC grad, Tampa can put all the lipstick on the pig that it wants, but the fact remains: BC won't draw enough fans that far south (flying distance) to make a difference and there aren't many schools in conference that will travel like an SEC team or, say, Ohio State. The matchup matters. The location matters. But, most importantly, the schools matter. And the ACC, where big boy basketball is played, isn't big or traditional enough to (now) draw 75,000 to its championship game. If FSU and Miami were Top 10 teams playing in Florida...sure. Other than that, not gonna happen.

But that's okay. They can email and call and publicize and assuage the public angst all they of the two or three better drawing schools (Va. Tech) helped get 27,000 to a championship game. Excuses about the SEC title game are absurd (SEC'ers really have little else to root for year round). Tarp the upper deck if necessary, just win the Orange Bowl more frequently and play even with the SEC (like last year) and the rest is superfluous. I mean, if BC wins the ACCCG in front of 500 fans, who cares? Just win. And let others complain.

BCMike said...

It's actually gotten to be a tongue-in-cheek rivalry with my girlfriend who is a hokie. When we are out with her friends, many of whom are also VT supporters and I mess something up, I'll say it was "ACC Championship game Mike", and likewise they'll joke back. I think it's certainly the start of a rivalry. Their fans absolutely know who we are and it really gets under their skin when they lose to us, despite their belief that they never should. Sounds a lot like Notre Dame without the added academic angle, actually.

Big Jack Krack said...

I truly believe that the attendance will pick up when the game is moved to Charlotte.

Having said that, we BC fans want our team in the ACCCG - that's what we cheer for all year, etc. Therefore, we must add that game to our planning for the season - simple as that. We hear the same thing every year about Jax or Tampa - too far, Christmas time, just before finals, whatever.

Wherever the game is played, it's a trip for us BC fans. Can you imagine BC vs UNC in 2010 in Charlotte? Sellout 73,000 fans for sure. In that type of scenario, it would be nice for BC to bring 10,000 fans, maybe even 15,000. We have to step up to the plate.

In many respects we deserve our label as a poor traveling team.

downtown_resident said...

VT-BC is an "on-the-field" rivalry, meaning it really matters to the teams and coaches. I doubt it will ever be an off-the-field rivalry for the majority of the fans. Great college sports rivalries are borne out of geographic and demographic similarities. There's just not enough that VT and BC have in common for it to ever reach that level, in my opinion.