Monday, August 03, 2009

Another BC blog and other links

The ACC has finally jumped into the blogging game. They've hired current students from each school to blog on their site. The lucky BC student blogger is David Auffenberg. Check out David's first work and follow him all season here.

Tim Bulman keeps exceeding expectations in Houston.

Another day, another oddsmaker predicting a rebuilding year.

The PAC 10 commissioner thinks any new ACC-PAC 10 TV network is a few seasons away if it happens.


Big Jack Krack said...

Great article about Tim Bulman - a "BC kind of guy" - and he's a local (Milton) guy to boot from my high school - good for you Tim. You'll be successful after football as well.

Big Jack Krack said...

Hey David - very good first effort - thank you very much.

In addition to Haden and Harris, we have Rolandan Finch, Sterlin Phifer and others coming in - and Jeff Smith could break out anytime, as we know.

At wide receiver we've got some real strong players in addition to those you mentioned - Colin Larmond, Jr., Clyde Lee, Billy Flutie, Chris Fox and several other newcomers. Shhhh! Don't tell anyone, but we're as strong at WR as ever in the history of BC Football.

At TE - don't forget Jordan McMichael.

At OL - don't forget Mike Goodman.

At DE/DL - don't forget such players as Brad Newman, Max Holloway, Dillon Quinn and Austin Giles, etc.

More later - and by the way - it's now Bill McGovern's defense.

Go BC!