Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Athletic Department's Annual Report and other links

BC Sports put up their Annual Report. Flynn Fund members already received a hard copy last week. It's mostly fluff with feel good stories from current and former athletes. Key takeaways:
-- BC still trails most of the ACC in athletic donations. We need to improve that
-- The trending on fundraising remains positive.
-- There is no shared info on a potential football practice facility.
-- There is a section on Conte Forum but no word on a new Heating/AC system, new seating configuration or improvements to the scoreboard/video screen/in arena ad space.

Atlanta Magazine finally posted their Matt Ryan article online. To read the entire piece you'll need to pay $.99. It's a good article with quotes from his crew in Exton and even has a shrink profiling Matt's perfectness. I cannot say it's worth a buck. I didn't pay since I got to read the hard copy in my dentist's office.

College Football News ranked BC at 48 in their preseason poll.

Good news -- Joe Martinez is set to rejoin the Giants' rotation and has recovered from the line drive he took off his head in April. (Thanks to Steve for the link.)

BC Guy Kenny Florian is in one of the key fights for Saturday's UFC 101.

While Raji continues to hold out, Ron Brace is settling in with the Patriots.


Erik said...

If I recall correctly, the annual report does mention new scoreboards & video screens.

JD BC90 said...

Today's article in the NY Post is just the latest example of the BE execs feeding their press sources bad information about: (a) the strength and power of BE football; (b) BC's satisfaction in the ACC; and (c) a desire for BC to return to the BE.

The BE should totally look to add UCF and to publicly end that discussion is stupid.

BC is playing its original Catholic NE rivals in hoops going forward, Syracuse in football and even visiting the NY area to play Army again both at West Point and at Yankee Stadium.

Most importantly though, is there a summary of information put out by BC (it is not in the annual report or on bceagles.com) that gives a historical persepctive on the size of BC's sports budget over the last 10 years ? I had printed the ones from the last 2 years in the BE and I recall the total budget being around $30-40 million. For the 07/08 year BC's bubget is reported on the Equity in Athletics site as $61MM. That's pretty dramatic. By comparison, Syracuse, who was left behind, has a total budget of around $40MM. The numbers don't lie and would go a long way to battle the misperception of BE lackeys in the press and casual fans in the NY area. Put this information out !

I cannot believe the BE is STILL pushing the lie that BC might come back.

How delusional !!
Get over it already !!
We're not coming back - we love the new neighborhood !

CT said...

The Big East?

What's that?