Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Enough with the Big East stuff and other links

The Big East is holding their annual meetings so it is time for the annual "BC should come back" meme. Forget the argument over whether or not BC is a good fit in the ACC or the lingering bad blood and just look at the financials. Do you think BC would give up money to return to the Big East? Especially with the looming ACC TV contracts? And the idea that Maryland would ever ditch the ACC is laughable.

Dan Mulrooney is healthy and ready to play.

Brian St. Pierre is pushing Matt Leinart for the backup job in Arizona.

Patrick Eaves signed on with Detroit.


Unknown said...

Dang the line on us "take us to our 11th bowl gam... we have won 9 of our last 10... "
THAT SHOULD BE 10 of 10!!!

Lally said...

I agree, enough with the 'back to the Big East' talk.

I propose we reunite with our traditional rivals and leave the ACC for the Patriot League.

Erik said...

well I've lost track on the official number, but we started the streak with a loss, and now have a loss on the back end, so we're either going for 12th straight bowl, or 11 straight but went 8-2 in last 10.

John said...

On today:

Atlanta magazine has nothing on former Boston College quarterback Matt Ryan. The publication tried to get some dirt on the Falcon for an August cover story titled “The Case Against Matt Ryan,’’ but there was no dirt to be found. The mag admits that after much investigating, it turns out that Ryan is nice, polite, modest, and frugal. Atlanta wide receiver Roddy White is quoted in the piece as saying, of Ryan, “He don’t even have a gameday car,’’ a show-off vehicle for the day of a game. “We are trying to work on him. Even when we go out to dinner, he wants to watch the tab.’’ Looks like we brought him up right.

morrina said...

Anyone else following the Mock College Footbal draft on espn? BC came in at #36 out of 40. Today they began putting teams into theoretical conferences. We are in the Knute Rockne Conference, and the article had this gem: "Many of the Knute Rockne Conference's traditional rivalries will remain in place. Notre Dame will still play Michigan -- and the Fighting Irish will be required to play Boston College every year. No more ducking the Eagles." HA!

Eagle in Brighton said...

I'm loving that Mock College Football draft: its all pointless conjecture, but the kind of frivolous thing most fans have a conversation about once in a while. Gotta love the BC respect (but, I mean, who was going to leapfrog us: Syracuse? Pitt? UNC? come one...).