Saturday, August 22, 2009

Preseason Blogpoll Ballot

It is the return of the blogpoll. Brian prefers that we do a public draft of the ballot, and then change it based on debate. You are welcome to debate me in the comments but I am not changing this. After my usual digestion of the preview magazines, the only conference I don't have a good grasp on is the ACC. With extreme parity and flawed teams I could see nearly every team making a run and also see all the alleged conference favorites falling flat on their faces.

For those new to this blog, the blogpoll was established a few years ago to give the bloggers their own version of college football's ranking system. The major difference with our poll is that we announce what games we actually watched, wear our bias on our sleeve and don't have to adhere to any system but our own. In general I tend to reward record and strength of schedule.

On the BC front, this year Eagle All Access joins me and the BCI guys in the poll. I left BC out of my preseason Top 25 and will try my best not to jinx the team if we start strong.

1 Florida
2 Southern Cal
3 Texas
4 Oklahoma
5 Ohio State
6 Mississippi
7 Penn State
8 Oklahoma State
10 Virginia Tech
11 Alabama
12 Oregon
13 TCU
14 Georgia Tech
15 California
16 Michigan State
17 Brigham Young
18 Georgia
19 Utah
20 North Carolina
21 Texas Tech
22 Oregon State
23 Cincinnati
24 Wake Forest
25 Central Michigan


BCNorCal07 said...

ATL: The blogpoll is one of my favorite parts of the season and I love seeing it return. All in all, a solid job I think. One question: why so bullish on Michigan State? They weren't very good running the ball last year, and that was with Javon Ringer (they averaged less than 4 yards per as a team). New back, new QB, where do you see the offense coming from? Of course, the Big 10 is rather shallow so they may win enough to stay in the top 25 despite any offensive shortcomings they may have.

HammarMA said...

BC playing 4 top 25 teams would be decent schedule, however, I do not see Wake Forest in the top 25. Central Mich is also suspect. I think FSU should be around 16 or so. I would not be surprised to see Wake at 4th or 5th in Atlantic. I do agree with UND not being in the poll, Mississippi is kind of high, but would love to see that.

Joe Bags said...

I don't know how you can vote SC ahead of Texas and Oklahoma when they're breaking in a new QB. Would you really pick SC over either of those teams if they played opening weekend at a neutral site?

Coast said...

Poll dancing

Teams in ATL not in AP:
16. Michigan State
21. Texas Tech
22. Oregon State
23. Cincinnati
24. Wake Forest*
25. Central Michigan*

Teams in AP not in ATL:
14. Boise State
18. Florida State*
22. Iowa
23. Notre Dame*
24. Nebraska
25. Kansas

*plays BC in 2009

EasyRider said...

Where's Nebraska????