Friday, August 21, 2009

QBs of the future and other links

Scout continues to improve its BC coverage this time with pieces on our two incoming QBs Josh Bordner and Chase Rettig. With two incoming and four QBs on the roster, I imagine we'll see some more position changes in January.

Wes Davis is the latest guy to sing the praises of Bowman.

Give credit where it is due: Blaudschun is finally treating his blog like a blog and not just a place to put drafts of his Globe stories.

HD admits she might have overlooked a few BC players in her rankings.

Another ACC forecast that has BC at 10 in the conference. I know Rice was a good player, but did these guys not see the other players step up at different moments? What other team has as much returning talent?

If Vitale is saying BC belongs back in the Big East then you know some conference higher ups are actively pushing this agenda. I don't get the media push though. What are they hoping to accomplish? Gene is not looking back. Are they setting the stage for Gene's successor to open talks? Are they hoping BC fans and alumni put pressure on BC to go back? It seems like a lot of wasted effort. (Thanks to Mike for the link.)

As we transition away from a strict zone blocking scheme to more of a hybrid it is interesting to read this recap of the Chow-Carroll issues at USC earlier this decade. Carroll was the one who forced Chow to zone.


J Mac said...

I love the ACC for the football exposure that it gives to us. However, I think in time after we begin to get "used to" playing Duke, FSU, etc. and/or if BC athletics is not performing at a high level (competing for ACC Championships in Football and Mens BBall) the call for a return to the Big East may come. BUT NOT NOW.

CT said...

"In the long run, I think the fans and alumni of the Eagles, as well as the players and coaches, would love to be where they belong ... in the Big East."


Looks like somebody in the BE has Vitale's ear. Of course, there were no facts to back up any of Vitale's assertions, but why let those get in the way of a little propaganda?

This subject is getting boring.

BourbonEagle said...
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eagleboston said...

Moving to the Big East may be nice for alumni in the Northeast but it would be absolutely horrific for those of us west of the Appalachians. I was lucky to see 3 games on TV when BC was in the Big East. Last year,I saw all but 2 games. Further, the Big East is the most regional of the major conferences. People all over the country tune in for games in the Big 12, Big 10, SEC and even the ACC. Outside of the northeast, no one cares about the Big East in football. No one.

BC is a great fit in the ACC and we are competitive in the two major sports. We are getting more national exposure and an expanded recruiting base. Thus, can we please end this ridiculous talk of BC taking a step down to the Big East?

mmason said...

Nothing could be more preposterous than Vitale's "push" for a Big East Redux for BC. (But it's Vitale talking, and that means it's methane gas we hear whenever that guy opens his mouth.) Of course, the record speaks for itself--BC has thrived for its years in the ACC--we have broken from a pack of basically mediocre programs in football (note: not one big least team picked in the top twenty NCAA football preseason polls). Playing B'Ball in the Acc is a "nuff said", and our baseball program has emerged into national prominence, every other sport, except hockey, has profited from the ACC associations. If there was another hockey conference in the universe better than Hockey East, which is NOT a BE conference, we'd be competing in that field. Conclusion: Gene is a genius, obviously--and Dick V. is ...well,he's Dick and aptly named.

Darius said...

A couple of other possibilities for Vitale:

He could just be that out of touch, still viewing the college basketball landscape as it was in about 1985, when the Big East was at its peak and BC was in the mix.

Or maybe he's just miffed at BC for beating his beloved Duke and UNC last year and knows a comment like that would be a harmlessly fun way to get under our skin.

By the time there's a big enough change in the present landscape for there to be any possibility that the Big East would make sense for BC again--probably a generation or two from now-- there's about a 0.001% chance the Big East will still exist at all. We're in the ACC to stay, and I for one am delighted about it.