Friday, August 21, 2009

A message from the hoops coaches brought to you by Andy Katz

Ignore Jay Bilas'* dismal predictions in this ESPN piece for a moment and note what Andy Katz wrote in his "Key Players" section:
3. Evan Ravenel, So., Boston College: One of the reasons the Eagles didn't add a single player to their roster was because of the faith they had in Ravenel. He didn't play much last season, but the staff is confident he can develop into a solid contributor if he commits himself to Al Skinner's system. It'll need him to be, since the weakness was frontcourt depth a year ago.

As chronicled here, Andy Katz is pretty plugged into the Skinner staff and his summer leaks have a good track record of coming true. Meaning we can expect to see a big leap in minutes and productivity from Evan Ravenel this year.

*Bilas is actually not the BC hater that some call him. I actually met him at the Final Four in Atlanta a few years ago in a social setting and he had nothing but great things to say about Skinner, BC as a campus, and the staff.


Eagle in Brighton said...

There won't be any ...Maroon and Gold Bud Light cans marketed near Alumni this fall.

cullenmi said...

Love that BC will work with Victoria Secret but not Budweiser. God forbid everyone in Boston had to think about BC instead of the red sox red and blue bottles.

smh said...

Eagle in Brighton - I spoke to a good friend who is a local beer distributer and they are going to continue to push the maroon and gold cans in the local market despite BC's concerns.


conlonc said...

I understand the concerns - but the legal argument here is weak. Copyright infringement for the combination of two colors? Get real.

When it comes down to it, I would have drank the same amount of cheap beer whether there was maroon and gold on the cans or whether they were covered in Sasquatch fur. Besides, most undergrad heavy drinking at BC revolves around Busch and Genny, correct?

Unknown said...

LAME. Still, I think copyright dilution is a better action, considering how awful Anheuser-Busch's beers might be (anything you can get for $2 at MA's has got to be bad). We don't want to be associated with that swill.

Why doesn't Sam Adams do it? That would be more appropriate. Better yet Harpoon, Red Hook, or any number of microbrews in and around Boston.