Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Say cheese" and other links

Hats off to When I started this blog they occasionally put up fresh content. Now they are producing unique interviews and features daily for the big sports. Today they put up a video of the team's annual "Picture Day." My only gripe is that their partner CBS Sports doesn't offer embedded functionality. Check out the video on As for the scenes themselves, the guys seem to enjoy it. At least it gives them a much needed break from Camp Spaz. I am also trying to block out the image of McCluskey still wearing the boot.

CBS Sports considers Albright one of the impact players returning this year.

Tomahawk Nation put together a great breakdown of our offense. I don't think people realize that our offense was middle of the pack within the ACC last year. There is a foundation to improve this year, but it will come down to Tranq and the QB.

The Herald is picking up on the freshmen's potential. Also, don't forget about the redshirt guys that will be playing for the first time too. The Milford Daily also wrote a piece about the OLine. Why don't these smaller town papers cover BC more during the season?

BC, BU and FSG held a press conference regarding the outdoor game set for January 8. Fans who go to Mobile for the GMAC bowl should be back to Boston in time!

Although we will probably be a Top 25 team, the basketball version of College Gameday won't be coming to the Heights this season.

Jerry York picked up another verbal.


wrlent2012 said...

Doesnt matter about gameday. We have one of the better teams in the country in basketball. i havent said that in 3 years. it all depends on whether they can handle the pressure with only Roache as a veteran presence. and hes been here for only the bad and unimportant years

Joe Bags said...

Aren't there questions about whether or not Albright will even start this season?

Thomas said...

Gotta give the Tomahawk Nation blogger credit; he's probably got a more detailed and informed preview than any of the Globe or Herald guys will(or already have) come up with.

Check the comments at the bottom... If the poster's comments are legit, can we try Claiborne out for punting/kicking duties?

BCMike said...

Agreed on the CBS / media feed. Am I the only one having massive problems with it?

I have a super fast ISP and it's loading as if I were on dial-up.

Lally said...

Some of his Tranq comments, though, go against what's been said about the offense he's putting together this year: there will be some zone blocking (though we are also using man-to-man), and he's supposedly "adapting" the offense we used under Logan. I'd assume that means less throwing and a more traditional run game, considering the two favorites at QB are pocket-passers.

Hoping Tranq's deviated from whatever it is people have grown to expect from him in the last 42 years.

And if Sid Vicious has consistency issues this year, I say we try the big guy!

mod34b said...

Chris Crane.

Chris Crane is still on the Colts. He wears #10. He got some NFL pre-season playing tiome again last night. 10 minutes worth. But is was pure mop up duty. 10 snaps, 9 runs, 1 incomplete pass. I doubt he'll make the team, but its good to see that the Colts see enough talent in him that they allow him on an NFL field. That does say something about Crane. maybe he'll have ajourneyman career as an NFL back up....He's done far better than just about every other BC football grad from the last few years (except, of course, the obvious, ryan, raji, etc.)