Saturday, September 19, 2009

"It may get real ugly"

The above quote is from Spaz to Mike Hogwood at the beginning of the first half. It's already beginning to take on a life of its own. I just watched it myself and feel sick. I don't expect to win every game. I know there will be bad days. Even the best coaches in the country have them. But I want a coach who believes he is going to win every game. I want a guy who, when down only 16 at the half, still carries himself like there is a game to be won.

I haven't watched everything back. I certainly haven't given up on this team. I haven't given up on Spaz. But I hope he hasn't shifted into the play not to lose mode three games into the season.


bcball2418 said...

I never was able to wrap my head around that comment. sure there were issues but clemson had there fair share too. it didnt seem like he really wanted to win. the play calling was way too conservative. This was a statement game. We should have gone for some real plays in the 4th when the oline finally got their head out of the gutter...

eagleboston said...

Look, I have been watching college football for darn near 40 years. The fact is BC is a young football team with mediocre talent. I think the BC program develops players as good, if not better, than any program in the nation. But, the fact remains, this is a young team that does not have the horses to win a lot of games this season. I stated that this would be a down year in January, even before it was announced that Jags was leaving. Add to that the loss of Herzlich, McLaughlin and Davis and you have the recipe for a very tough year.

Several of you were boasting about a win this week and you were complaining about BC not being ranked. That just shows complete ignorance of the game. BC beat Northeastern and Kent State. Big freaking deal. Iowa State just beat Kent State ON THE ROAD. Good teams absolutely do not allow themselves to go 0-2 in conference...period. I have seen this time and time and again. And without a doubt, Clemson is a good team.

I happen to think this BC team will lose 3-4 games over the next few weeks but will get better and better week by week. No way will BC beat Florida State, Notre Dame or Va Tech. Not this season. But, I think they have a good shot against Wake, NC State and Central Michigan. Folks, this is rock bottom. The defense is only going to get better and they are already pretty damn good in my book. The offense is going to improve as Tuggle gets experience and as soon as the O-line gets their act together. This team will peak in November and will be a much better team next season. But, I hate to say it, the prognosticators were right, BC is a bottom feeder in the Atlantic THIS YEAR.

Look out next year and the year after as this young team is poised for greatness.

ATL_eagle said...

boston; this is a young team on defense and the D played well. The offense had 4 returning starters, an experience TE and a bunch of WRs with experience. Two RBs who played well last year. The only new area was the QB and the scheme. The QB wasn't the issue (for the most part) today. The scheme was embarrassing. We have to get things together quickly.

TMDavin said...

That quote stuck out to me as well, but I wouldn't blow it out of proportion. If Spaz focus-tested his comments with a panel of fans, that wouldn't be the proper thing to say at the half, but it doesn't mean he wasn't trying to win.

All summer we've been pointing out that BC has big issues at QB. All Spaz was really doing was acknowledging that unpleasant but unavoidable fact.

BCDoubleEagle said...

Let's not blow a two-second sound byte out of proportion. People did this with TOB's "we're up, aren't we?" comment and it was just absurd. Judge a coach by the results on the field, not by his halftime comments to reporters.

Unknown said...

Do none of you see the truth? The writing in on the wall, plain as day. Jags won with O'Brien's players. Jags did NOTHING to restock the cupboard.

Graduation, injuries, and illness have taken their toll.

And some of you were actually complaining about not being ranked? Are you serious? Are you that freak'n blind?

They'll be no bowl game for BC this year; you'll be lucky to get 3 conference wins.

Sorry, not trying to be a hater, just saying the truth.

Spaz is still an unknown as a head coach. Can he do it? Can he recruit? No way to tell at this point, but BC's immediate future is not that bright.

Good luck though, especially to Herzlich.