Saturday, September 19, 2009

Long, long loss

What a weird, frustrating and long day. I am finally home but still soaked. A pat on the back to those BC fans who braved the elements, the lightning and the long, long, long delays. A big pat on the back to the BC defense. It was probably one of the better defensive performances you'll see in such a lopsided loss. I will watch the game back but I am very concerned and upset about the offense. The line looked lost and the play calling raised a million questions.

Hopefully things will be more reassuring under a second review. Grades and second viewing thoughts will be up late Sunday.


CT said...

"Test day! After this game we should know much more about our team, our coach and our quarterback. The weather is terrible so it will probably be sloppy."

Truer words were never spoken. Or typed.

America said...

Our D is very good. Our O is not.

BCguy said...

the playcalling and offense was bad because the line was off. If those kinks get worked out we've got a team, but if they don't...long season.