Friday, September 04, 2009

The last thing on Spaz before the season starts

Before the season starts I want to go on record with where I stand on Spaz. Other than wanting BC to win, there are no agendas on this blog. In 2006 we had a coaching search and Spaz was a candidate. At the time, I stated my preference for other options. In 2009 we had another coaching search. The circumstances were very different and necessitated a different type of choice. At the time I stated my preference for other options besides Spaz. Just because I didn’t think Spaz was the right choice doesn’t mean I don’t want him to win.

My short-term expectations are low. We should be a bowl team this year, but I don’t think we can win the conference. Long term I have the same expectations I had for Jags and TOB -- I want to win consistently and be in the mix for the conference every few years and eventually break through.

I will call it as I see it and hope to bring the thoroughness and fairness to my game reviews and stats that I’ve had in the past. I also don’t plan on letting this blog become a sounding board for the excuse makers. I hate when a new coach comes in and all the problems are blamed on the previous regime. Spaz knew what he was getting into. Now he has to play his cards. Blaming TOB or Jags is lame. We laugh at Notre Dame fans when they blame Ty for Weis’ failing or NC State fans when they blame Amato for TOB’s troubles. Let’s not do that here. Spaz’s record will be Spaz’s record.

Spaz is a good guy. Hopefully he will be the right guy for this job at this time. Let’s go Spaz! Let’s go Eagles!


Eagle in Brighton said...

Well put ATL.

Let's go boys: hoping for an even performance, a QB to establish himself, and no injuries.

SectionKK said...


Let's go Eagles!

PHL BC Eagles said...

A good friend and fellow alum will be at the game today. He expects to be tailgating during the 4th quarter. I like that attitude.


ORDEagle said...


Please don't take the commenters who claim you have some sort of bias seriously. I may not always agree with you but you have more journalistic integrity than most of the writers on or the Boston papers. Keep up the great work.