Thursday, September 03, 2009

Reminder: send me your game watch news

Some bars will show ESPN 360 games, so let me know if your local chapter is holding an event this weekend.


Brian said...

No official game watch for Chicago this week or next (Kent State).

The first game watch of the year will be for the Clemson game. Also, Chicago is switching up venues this year and game watches will be held at:

2721 N. Halstead

BCMike said...

No more Finley Dunne's?

That's a shame, I always liked that place.

Anfield10 said...

In Atlanta, will Famous be showing the game this weekend like they showed the ESPN360 BC - Kent St. game last year? If not, anybody know of any other way to watch it in Atlanta?

Joe said...


Stats in Atlanta will be showing the game for the entire Atlanta alumni chapter. They will have the game AND the sound. See you there.

EagleEye2002 said...

Has anyone here watched ESPN 360 hooked up to an HDTV? i am thinking of doing it for Saturday, but I have a feeling the picture will just be really blurry when put on a bigger screen because it doenst look that great to begin with on my laptop.

Unknown said...

In San Francisco, the BC alumni are watching games at:

Shanghai Kelly's
corner of Broadway and Polk Street

And according to the email that I received from the BC organizer, the bar will show games only "airing" on

Mr. Tambourine MAn said...

Anyone know a place in Philadelphia that shows espn360?

Dports1 said...

Anybody know of a Miami-based game watch?

Langsgangs said...

What happened to Finlet Dunne's?!?!?!

DS said...

i'm copping two -- it looks fine on hd, i've tested it.

use the fastest connection you can to get good quality (ideally plugging an ethernet cable in from your router to computer), then make sure the espn360 viewer is as big as possible.

hooking it up to the tv is the way to go!