Thursday, September 03, 2009

Jags fired again and other links

I hadn't expected to talk about Jags much this week, but he is top of mind this morning having been fired by Tampa Bay. I have no scoop on the situation and ultimately feel sorry for his family and the Logans. I go back to my sentiment in January that none of this had to happen...

In much more pleasant news, Herzy got a lot of coverage locally for his return. WEEI posted this link and NECN interviewed our newest "coach."

DiSanzo is our latest walking wounded. He will miss Saturday with a shoulder injury.

The ACC will honor Mike Mayock as part of their Legends series.

Here is a good article on Castonzo in the Herald.

Incoming Eagle Seth Betancourt is considered a Pennsylvania player to watch.

This article on Chip Kelley references Ryan Day. What I found interesting is Kelley's reliance on situational statistics. I wonder if his three former colleagues on our staff are as dependent on stats?

Women's soccer beat BU.

John Bunting recalls recruiting Hakeem Nicks and Russell Wilson. What's the BC connection you ask? Both were "discovered" by current BC staffer Dave Brock.


America said...


Great news from Tampa. CHARACTER PROBLEMS!!!! Like I said in January!

GO SPAZ!! We are way better off!

America said...

I don't know why you feel sorry for him. He is not the guy you think he is. Feel sorry for his family maybe but he got what he brought on him self.

Lally said...

Wow. Besides the bald dome, Herzy looks just like he always does. Great to see.

bc9292bc said...

I can't even read this blog anymore. The lovefest for Jags is sickening. Feel sorry for him? He's scumbag and this just proves Gene did the right thing. You don't get fired a week before opening day for "minor issues." Jags didn't care about BC and went looking around for a better gig the second he had the opportunity.

Big Jack Krack said...

I'd say most people on this blog agreed with the Jags firing. Who needs a coach who's only in it for himself and constantly on the make?

I'll be in Raleigh tonight for a business dinner/meeting. It will be interesting to get the feel for a city during its openning game of the football season. In this one, I wish TOB, NC State and the ACC well against Steve Spurrier and the South Carolina Gamecocks!

Andrew S. said... posting some ruminations that Jags and the QB coach there in Tampa had disagreements over who should be the starting center. Since the QB coach is now the OC, I guess that settles it.

There must be some major personality clashes going on to justify firing a coordinator in the last week of preseason... these details most of us are very unlikely to ever hear.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Jags just became the Rollie Massimino of college football. Had a great life, got greedy and cocky in Tampa and Vegas. Does Norwood University have a football team? Maybe Rollie can put a good word in for him.

almost_paul said...

The Bucs were hoping to hire Chan Gailey before they hired Jags, no? So Jags may just be the victim of circumstance, since Gailey is now available. But either way, this is karma coming back to bite him in the ass and I like it!

ATL_eagle said...

Vinny and 9292, read what I wrote! I never said I was sorry for Jags. He is a big boy. He made his bed. I said I feel for his family and the Logans.

bc9292bc said...

You also said "none of this had to happen." Meaning we never had to fire Jags. I say bulls*^%. Jags wanted out of BC so Gene let him go before he did further damage. Let's face it, he gave up on recruiting and there's no way the players would have wanted to give their all for him after they heard he was looking to move on.

Mr. Tambourine MAn said...

What happened to Logan? I didn't read anything about him being let go.

conlonc said...

bc9292bc - you can't even read within context. "none of this had to happen" actually means that Jags could have easily prevented his firing from BC. It was in his hands, and he chose to call Gene's bluff rather than fold. pride is a nasty thing. stop trying to pick a fight over nothing.

John B said...

This in no way vindicates Gene, Vinny.

Jags didn't do a good job as OC in Tampa Bay. Being a successful OC in the NFL requires something different from being a successful HC in college. Using the same logic, you could say Dan Henning has made BC look foolish for firing him based on the success his innovative offenses had in the NFL. The truth is he was awful in Chestnut Hill.

Gene won't be judged on how Jags fares on an NFL staff. He'll be judged on how Spaz does. The jury is still out on the firing. Same goes for the narrowly focused search for a head coach ignoring intriguing choices like Charlie Strong and focusing exclusively on the internal guy he didn't think was good enough two years ago.

If Spaz wins an ACC title some time in the next five years, Gene will be vindicated. Nothing else.