Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Tuggle still first and other links

Justin Tuggle will start Saturday. Shinskie played Tuesday so he can and will play against Northeastern. The Globe also produced two items on Northeastern (at a glance and looking to turn things around).

What did others think of Blaudschun's blog post praising Gene for his scheduling? I understand Gene's philosophy and think it has kept the program stable, but I also think the lack of "buzz" that Blaudschun leads with is in part due to the soft schedule.

Nice job by Conroy on this Herzy article.

HD has notes and factoids on each ACC team. Maryland's offensive line enters the season with a combined 27 career starts. Castanzo -- who still has two seasons of eligibility -- has 28 career starts.

Soccer lost their season opener to URI.

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Joe Bags said...

I wasn't sure if Blaudschun was being sarcastic or not.

I understand the purpose of the creampuff games, but when Northeastern fans are demonstarting even more apathy about the game than BC fans, I think it's time Gene drop the "good for New England" charade and call it was it is.