Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Respect for BC basketball and other links

The ACC writers didn't think much of our chances in basketball. However, Fox Sports Jeff Goodman thinks we will surprise again. In the article Sanders talks about how the team will be more defensive minded. I would love to see it, but don't know how we will pull it off. This team has smarts and depth, but few defensive stoppers.

Trapani also answered some questions regarding the team and how we will be different without Rice.

The Gunnell-Clausen story is still getting press.

Virginia is the latest school to get behind Herzy's cause.

The BC Bookstore is having a BC Snuggie giveaway on facebook. Become a fan of the bookstore and you'll be entered to win.


Erik said...

Gunnell's been doing it (and doin it and doin it well) for over 3 years and have played on all the big stages.

Rich doesn't need the reaffirmation of some cocky ND player to tell him that he's a great receiver. He knows this already. We all do. And if Clausen didn't knwo that before the game then they do lousy scouting.

I'm getting excited for BC basketball.

Smitty said...

All you have to do to be a defensive stopper is get after it. My sister is friends with a few of the players and says the chemistry seems great, they all get along well. If you have that, the players buy in, and when they buy in they play D. I expect great things from this bunch.

eagleboston said...

I just can't get excited about a team that is so drastically inconsistent that they can beat UNC and Duke in the same season yet lose to Harvard.

Unknown said...

The loss to Harvard last year was last year - don't expect what is now a team with lots of experience to drop another game like that.

I almost think the media intentionally underrates BC football and basketball just so they have something to write about when the boys "overachieve".

At least the BC hoops radio adds that have been running on 850 believe in the team as they say come watch BC compete for an ACC championship. I wholeheartedly expect them to do just that.

morrina said...

I wonder if, particularly based on Jackson's comments, the chemistry was not great between Rice and the rest of the team. Whether scripted or not, he did dominate the ball, and at times appeared to have an attitude. I am curious to see how we fare without him, and my guess is that we will take a step forward.

Erik said...

Well Biko won't be a score first kind of point guard, so he's gonna find the open guy, the player who is working hard to get a shot.

Brablc said...

I love the comment that Sanders won't be taking as many shots from deep this year and has been working on his mid range game.

Seeing him force three pointers was one of the most frustrating parts of watching BC last year.

morrina said...

I agree Erik. Rice was almost always looking for his own shot, and MANY times forced a bad shot or drove the lane into double/triple coverage. I look forward to seeing a bit more patience on offense.