Friday, November 13, 2009

Busy Friday night

Basketball won despite the suspension. It was a career night for Tyler Roche.

The women's soccer team advanced in the NCAA Tournament by beating Harvard.

The men's soccer team lost to NC State. Despite the loss they should still make the NCAAs as an at large.


morrina said...

We better be ready for Harvard this year. They just beat HC in Worcester: "Led by senior guard Jeremy Lin’s game-high 24 points, the Crimson defeated the Crusaders, 87-77." I REALLY hope we don't see another show by Lin this year. That kid is good.

Nebby A said...

Good to see the law firm of Sanders, Raji, and Dunn carrying on the annual tradition of getting suspended before the season.

On a serious note, I have high hopes for this team given their experience and chemistry together. They have good balance and it should be exciting to watch Biko distributing the rock and Rakim, Reggie, Trapani, and Raji filling it up. While the size of our frontline is a concern, particularly on the defensive end...the team poses some matchup problems and should definitely be able to push the ball.

Let's prove yet again that the prognisticators are frauds. Time to make a run fellas...

CT said...

Somewhere in Cambridge, Lin is smiling and thinking, "Greece is mine, Tyrese."

matthew said...

It's tough to learn much about this game by the boxscore.

Trapani had 2 fouls in the first 3 minutes and sat for the half. He was anxious to start the first half, and even more anxious to start the second half. He couldn't wait to assert himself on the offensive end, and you can tell he expects big things from himself this year as far as scoring points. The fact that he was forcing shots and didn't play that well doesn't concern me. We will need him to take shots and score, and he could push 15 PPG. Also, he really committed on the defensive glass, which was good to see.

Dallas Elmore was the first man off of the bench. He, too, was forcing his offensive game. He must have fumbled 4 balls that were passed to him (think receiver anxious to get up-field). You can tell he worked on his game a lot and saw this as his opportunity to prove himself. He certainly has a decent touch from mid-range... but we don't need another guy looking to take 15-foot jumpers. It doesn't appear he has many moves inside, and that is where he would be needed. He also committed on the defensive end, but I really wonder if he can provide QUALITY minutes this year.

Not much to say about Ravenel... nothing poor, but nothing impressive. Looked slow footed and out of control at times.

Southern didn't look any different...Occasionally makes a play, often slow-footed and un-athletic. I worry about our rebounding. Sanders and Jackson are going to have to help out in this area.

Paris looked fine... he did show frustration out there with guys not aggressively accepting the ball in the first pass of the flex, thus his 6 turnovers. I love how he protects the ball when he dribbles... so low and in-control (think: opposite Sanders and Sean Marshall). He seems ready to lead this team... he may be carrying heavy minutes this year.

Reggie looked great out there. He was one of 2 players that looked like they were in a class above the rest in this game. Yes he can shoot from the outside, yes he can defend, yes he is feisty and has energy. The most important facet to his game will be his creating on offense. I'm excited, as I think he will be our most valuable player this year (though it doesn't appear he'll be starting once the suspended guys are back).

The other player that out-shined the rest was obviously Tyler Roche. This was the guy that we heard about out of NH... one I'm sure Dartmouth would have loved to have. Let's give Roche a chance this year as fans. Confidence as a senior can do wonderful things for a jump shooter. We need to create for him and let him spot-up... he can be that good shooting the ball. Tonight he attacked the loose ball, helped on defense (5 blocks... mostly legit too) and even looked like the vocal leader out there at times. I don't think he will be able to score close to the basket as he did at times today, but if Al can help him find some open 3s (not always easy out of the flex), he can really contribute this year. I never thought I would give him a standing O, wow. The crowd really appreciated Roche last night.

Out of the gate they played us in a zone, and we hoisted up a few 3s right away...definitely worried me a bit. But they went into a zone quickly and we "flexed" away. I'm sure things will look a little better once Raji and Sanders are back, but not an awful first game. I do worry about our size and ability to rebound the ball... it's going to take a team commitment, for sure.

almost_paul said...

Hey Matthew,

Can you write up a review after every game? Fantastic work.


matthew said...

Thanks AP!

I try to get to as many games as I can, and know that a lot of non-local people can't.

I'll continue to post thoughts when I attend games... I'm glad others find them informative.

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