Friday, November 13, 2009

Starters suspended

We will be without Sanders, Raji and Dunn against Dartmouth and for the next game. No specifics are given other than the violation of team rules. I was told from unnamed folks that this is not a big deal or a sign of a bigger problem. It is more BC being BC.


Erik said...

Who'd have thought 2 games when the 3rd game is in Virgin Islands?

Groundhog said...

thankfully they we're not needed as tonight was the tyler roche show

Dports1 said...

Glass half full: Roche scored 30!
Glass half empty: Roche was allowed to take 12 shots.

He seems like a nice kid, but let's not encourage him.

Ry said...

i was at the game tonight. Decent student crowd actually, which was nice. Regular fans....not so much.

Biko handled PG duties well...and Roche didn't really do much damage until later in the second when he came down firing. It was more a matter of him taking advantage of the situation than us looking for him to take the shot. That said, he is a senior and he has a pretty smooth stroke at times...wouldn't be surprised if he hit some big shots this year.

Raj said...

DOn't go sippin the tyler roche juice yet. He played against a NH school and played inferior IVY league talent. He's a defensive liability and on offense very 1 dimensional. Against better competition i expect him to average a whopping 4 pts.