Friday, November 13, 2009

Game Watches: Virginia

ESPN 360 put a little damper on the Game Watch momentum. But below are the troopers including the UNOFFICIAL Denver Watch. If you can't get 360, get yourself to one of these places.

Chicago Game Watch
Trinity Bar
2721 N. Halsted (Diversey & Halsted)
on the border of Lincoln Park and Lakeview

New York City Game Watches

192 3rd Ave @ 17th

Pat Obrien's
88st and 2ave

San Francisco Game Watch
Shanghai Kellys
2064 Polk St
San Francisco

UNOFFICIAL Denver Game Watch

Frank & Joe
1108 York Street
Denver, CO 80206


Brett said...

Not in Denver and don't know Frank and Joe, but just wanna say that I love that they have a 617 area code. Way to keep it alive guys!

EagleinNYC said...

If you're in NYC, I'm pretty sure Pat O'Brien's will not have the game on. Still definitely will...

DL said...

The DC game watch will be held at Scott Stadium in Charlottesville, VA


Tracy said...

New Landing on Moody St in Waltham will be showing the game and a few of us BC folks will be there.

Erin said...

Can't beleive this, but we're actually looking for a Boston gamewatch this week!! Anyone know of any local bars that will have the game??

Big Ern said...

ESPN360 baffles me. It cannibalizes the ESPN Gameplan. I used to buy gameplan every year, but with the exception of the Clemson game has BC even been on it? Why wouldn't they want me paying for more games rather than fighting with my internet provider?

Kevin Schohl said...

Is there anywhere in Boston that will be showing the game?

Lenny Sienko said...

I agree that ESPN360 is a drag on our television exposure.

ESPN360 is only available to ISP's which have high speed service and are willing to pay extra for it. This leaves out independent ISP's throughout the country. I asked the folks who own and run my local ISP. They said they didn't have the technology in place with just DSL to handle ESPN360.

ESPN360 has undercut ESPN Gameplan, which I have purchased since inception. The number of BC games on Gameplan has been reduced drastically; i.e., the ESPN360 games are not on Gameplan.

BC's tv football coverage has dropped from multiple appearances on Gameplan to being lost on ESPN360.

Even more disturbing is the rise of Rutgers as a regular on ESPN Thursday and Friday night games, which are on nationwide. Rutgers' victory over USF was seen nationwide. I hate to see our rival for New Jersey recruiting getting this kind of exposure, while we are buried on ESPN360.

Even if you can gain access to ESPN360, the production values are very low and the announcers are laughable.

The new ACC TV deal seems to leave BC and its fans out in the cold.

Trying to listen to or see the games has become harder rather than easier. GDF needs to improve this situation asap.

targus said...

Thank Good ideas