Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Blogpoll Ballot

Because of a hectic travel schedule I didn't file a blogpoll ballot last week. That sort of gave me an excuse to start from scratch. Doing so left me with a ballot very similar to the writers and coaches. Although the jinx is not a concern I still had trouble voting for BC given how they finished.

Games I watched

BC-Maryland 100%
Georgia-Georgia Tech 50%
Texas-Texas A&M 50%
Auburn-Alabama 50%

1 Florida
2 Alabama
3 Texas
4 Cincinnati
6 Oregon
7 Iowa
8 Penn State
9 Boise State
10 Georgia Tech
11 Virginia Tech
12 Miami (Florida)
13 Ohio State
14 LSU
15 West Virginia
16 Pittsburgh
17 Oregon State
18 Brigham Young
19 California
20 Oklahoma State
21 Nebraska
22 Houston
23 Stanford
24 Central Michigan
25 Northwestern


mmason said...

I agree, Bill--we went out looking like a young work in progress with much needed work yet to be done--promising but flawed. Thanks for all the insight and work you've done over this wacky football season. Sure was fun to visit ATL.
Here's to you--maybe we'll see you in San Francisco. Go Eagles!

Bravesbill said...

You have GA Tech ranked that high even after their pathetic loss and you don't have USC ranked at all? Central Michigan is also ranked? Flawed.

Erik said...

does anyone know how ticket sales are doing for the ACCCG? Has the magic of Clemson and the regional distance of GT cured some of the evils of BC/VT?

BCDoubleEagle said...


mod34b said...

ATL -- you must have been a little drowsy when you made your poll choices.

Ohio State (your #13) and Penn State (your #9) are both 10-2, but Ohio State beat Penn State 24-7 and is ranked higher than Penn St. in every poll.

As for Central Michigan, I must agree -- drumroll, please, for the very first time --with Bravesbill.

As for the yet-to-be posted BC v MD grades, let me guess

Offense = C
Defense = B
Special teams = B