Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Clemson follow up and other links

ESPN's broadcast crew had good things to say following the game:

As I predicted Sunday, the PR train for Pete Carmichael has begun.

This is a great read on incoming BC basketball recruit Kevin Noreen's high school. Because Noreen is climbing up the state's record books, his "unconventional" high school is facing criticism for other coaches and educators.

BC lost out on recruit Bruce Gaston. Compounding the snub was the fact that he used a Red Sox hat when playing the hat game at the press conference. No respect. All sorts of bad karma will be headed his way from the hat gods!

BC continues to recruit New Jersey the old fashioned way, while Greg Schiano covers the state in his helicopter. Both schools have interest in 2011 prospect Anthony Sarao.

Despite his size, Matt Tennant is grading out well at the Senior Bowl. There is also a Tennant note buried in this article too.

HD doesn't rank the Alumni Stadium experience very high among ACC schools.

Former Eagle Chris Snee is back in the Pro Bowl.


SaturdaysOnShea said...

I've always thought that hat thing is stupid

A33Jim said...

Corey Raji gets into the Dunk of the Year Conversation:

blist said...

That kid'll end up making boilers if he doesn't eat himself to death. Anyway, who is advising this kid that he disrespects people who offered him a free ride?

nice Q&A with our groundbreaking sportscasting alumn, Lesley Visser, here:

CT said...

"BC fans have a bad rep...but they cheered for an almost perfect home season in 2009." Wow, that was rousing. Quick, get her a job with the BC Athletic Dept.

She's finally pretty accurate about something, though. Clemson and VTech would fit seamlessly into the SEC. It's a pretty easy call on those rankings. Those ESPN gigs sound tough, by the way. What's uniforms?

The Noreen read was interesting, thanks for the link. Sounds like Minny's all-time leading scorer started early and plays in the Willy Wonka League. When you score like the girls on Jersey Shore against the makers of the Chocolate River, you're bound to hear some criticism, I suppose. The kid might be 6-8 and able to shoot, but can he pass the ball from one elbow to the other and screen away like he'll be doing for the next 4 yrs?

Talk about a transition...going from scoring 100+ pts almost every time out to the dynamism of the flex. Any point guard experience, Kevin?

eagleboston said...

I attend 1 game at Alumni every year and the gameday experience is absolutely dreadful and embarrassing. I also attend college football games at Iowa and Iowa State. The Big Ten atmosphere at Iowa is unbelievable with 70,000 fans crammed in a historic stadium. Even Iowa State, a traditionally dismal program has an incredible tailgate environment (they have a young coach now who may be one of the best in America).

BC should have a much better gameday atmosphere. I remember a much better experience when I attended BC in the late 80's and the football team at that time was horrific.

HD is right. BC is a bad gameday experience and the over-achieving BC players deserve much better.

Nick said...

Worth mentioning that former backup-to-Sean Marshall Marquez Haynes is currently second in the nation in scoring for Texas-Arlington. Thought he would have gone the way of Steve Hailey/Shamari Spears -- transfer, and then never be heard from again except with regard to cannabis. Was incorrect.

Dan said...

Greg Schiano is a douche.

I'm sure New Jersey residents are pleased to see a state employee riding a helicopter to meet with HS football players.

Maybe the helicopter helps him "chop that wood"

mmason said...

Tell me this isn't an HBO Sports special featuring Schiano's Chopper dust-off commando recruiting tactics, and a piece on "Kids in The Mall High" who take classes at home on their donated laptops, jog around the strip mall campus for P.E., get hundreds of hours of SAT prep and end up playing hoops at BC? And I thought living in L.A. was weird...