Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Did we just turn a corner?

Solid win and dare I say, a potential season changer. We developed a model for success against Miami. We showed at VT that we can compete. Tonight we took control of the game midway through the first half and then built up a dominant lead. As importantly we held on in the second half. There is still a long way to go, but the ACC is mediocre this year and we can conceivably beat every team left on our schedule. We could also lose. But before I get ahead of myself, here are the things I liked and disliked about the game. Leave your thoughts below.


-- Reggie Jackson as the spark. Cool stat from Twitter: "Final Reggie Jackson update of the night, with Jackson on the floor BC was +26, without -20". Reggie was also clutch in making his free throws in the final minutes.
-- Elmore knocking down open shots. Is it me or is Elmore becoming a good change of pace? He also seems to understand the flex better than guys who have been around longer.
-- Good defensive rotation. Other than becoming a bit passive when Dunn got in foul trouble, we did an excellent job switching on defense.


-- Still being too careless with the ball. I understand that Clemson's style of play is going to create turnovers, but we had some stupid turnovers...Raji with a careless travel...Jackson with a carry...Jackson and Paris both getting in the air and making poor passes...Sanders driving into traffic. It was very frustrating.
-- Trapani forcing 3s.
The first one helped, but the others just clanged. Trapani needs to be closer to the basket on offense.
-- Too many possession straying from the flex. We had better flow on offense and were more efficient, but our half court still wasn't great. The guys need to move and screen better in the flex.
-- Southern's defense. He was pretty ineffective. Dunn did a much better job with Clemson's bigs.

As I said, the season could go either way, but I think these guys are starting to get "it". I now just wish Al would give Reggie a few more minutes and run the offense through him.


matthew2 said...

agreed with the dislikes.....

especially the trapani. No one on this team besides Roche should be allowed to shoot 3s. Ok that's a stretch, but he is our best shooter, and seems to take them in sync with the offense.

And Southern... I'd love to be his friend... but he is really only good for 10 - 15 minutes. Gotta love college basketball big men.....

JP said...

Probably too early to say if they've turned the corner. It was a good win and their best to date, but they need to play like this with a lot more consistency first. BC has the ability to hang in there with tough competition (like tonight, the first half at Duke, etc.) but also the ability to fall apart or just never get off the ground (Maine, the second half at Duke, etc.).

This is now 3 games in a row where they've played varying degrees of good basketball, but I'd like to see more of it before I think the corner has truly been turned. Hopefully the Maryland game was rock-bottom (which in a way is unfortunate because I was there to see it).

Galvin said...

I agree that the offense needs to run through Reggie - he has so much potential. I liked the half-court trapping and the energy level was much better. I still hate Southern, he always looks like he just finished a big glass of warm milk.

mmason said...

No Doubt--Jackson on the floor is a super plus. Everyone seems to move more quickly and find open looks and he spreads everyone out. BC looks alive with Reggie. ATL, you're right--he's the spark. Big Obvious: Southern is like anti-matter out there. The dude does not move or anticipate. Watching him for one minute is 60 seconds of inertia ball. Our numbers seem to plummet with Southern in the game--what's up with that?

The team shows some real promise with Reggie's leadership--without him the Eagles are accident prone and slow. Man, he rolled through the pressure consistently and was clutch from the line.

Did Al look like he was coaching in synch with the game tonight? Is that what these kids need more of, maybe? He was workin' the ref's and
made some good personnel moves.

Bottom line:tonight's first half showed an Eagle team that was IN THE GAME, and aggressive and creative. Still scary at times and rolling the dice on the "if come" but there was defense and ball movement and not many dumb turn overs...
Lots more to like than "not"...
Good win, and timely too.

CMondo1 said...

transitive property of basketball: S. Carolina > Kentucky; BC > S. Carolina; BC > Kentucky.

Good win tonight. This team needs to gain confidence and keep picking up W's. I still think an at-large isn't possible, but that they have the talent (w/ no marquee team in conference) to win the ACC tourney in March

FakeShalomTfree said...

Elmore running the flex might be one of the most unsung stories of the past few games. Unlike Trapani, who continues to force shots, Elmore looks comfortable in Al's system and is a great complement.

Erik said...


Free throw shooting from Reggie Jackson, Josh Southern, and Joe Trapani.

Very key to make FTs down the stretch. When we get in trouble, we should abandon what isn't working and have these three draw fouls (less so Southern for chance of turnover)

Dports1 said...

Jumping on CMondo's transitive formula: BC > Michigan > UConn > Texas.

Clemson was missing DeMontez Stitt (great name!), 2nd leading scorer and assists leader. Methinks this played a larger-than-noticed role in BC's win.

Opinionater said...

The Conte crowd was a bit more loud and supportive, BUT it is still a shame to see all those red seats in the student sections empty! BC "bumped" many season ticket holders, either "upstairs" or out to make room for the student fans. Where are they?

Aside from that, they win was BIG and showed improvement in a number of areas:
1. BC actually called timeouts when they got in trouble against the press

2. There was evidence of actual coaching--the utilization of their "55" extended zone press since Clemson was without their starting point guard. (How would BC have fared if Jackson was out with a sprained ankle? I shudder at the thought!) Use of that press definitely threw Clemson out of synch--and according to the post game show, it was Pat Duquette's influence to point that in the game plan.

3. Elmore continues to impress. He had some key "j's" when the lead was slip-slidin' away.

4. Dunn was BIG--sorry Mr. Southern, I know you are a good kid and try hard, but....

We have to continue to attack the press better, avoid the "unforced" TO's, and someone has to pull Trapani aside---can you say "Shot Selection"?

However--all in all, there was outstanding EFFORT and actual EMOTION--even from Coach Al! Good job BC, keep it up.

mod10aeagle said...

A really good win, with disciplined play and good effort throughout. Jackson's tightrope walking at mid-court was a bit scary, and I'm still amazed at the non-chalant in-bound plays. Had Clemson put a bit more effort into their full-court pressure, they could have caused many more turnovers. Clearly, Skinner isn't going to do anything about it, so I just need to get over it.

Mr. Tambourine MAn said...

Elmore's hard cuts and hustle in the flex reminded me of why I like it so much. My main concern, doesn't seem like Reggie or Biko are the guys to get it to him and that he'll get discouraged.

Either way, he's really been a pleasant surprise and looks great on the press as well. Quick, long arms.

Deacon Drake said...

Reggie Jackson provides spark because he can accelerate through the press (and defense in general) and create a numbers advantage. People are begging for his minutes to be increased, but he is still reckless and 25-30 is probably about right to keep him fresh and focused.

Elmore vs Sanders is the position battle that will be the most interesting as the season progresses. Sanders scores more points, but the flex and defense is clearly more effective with Jackson, Elmore, Raji, Trapani, and center (Dunn is more active, but Southern's size is an equal factor that is tough to measure). Most players are settling into a role, but Sanders seems to covet the on-ball attention Jackson has been getting. The hope was that Sanders would embrace his role a jumbo-2 (Sean Marshall also seemed to want to drift around the perimeter) and post up the guys 30 pounds out his weight class. Instead, it is Elmore who is battling off screens and hitting mid-range shots. Sanders shooting percentage has been in the toilet because he is forcing too many shots, instead of waiting for the easy ones.

Keep the starting lineup the same for now and rotate early and often, as Jackson should come off the bench this season until he tightens up his ball control. The different lineup configurations, using Sanders, Raji, Roche, and Trapani, in different roles, has kept opponents off balance.

Harry Collins said...

Deacon, you're right about keeping the starting rotation as is...if you like playing from behind.

Sit Paris now, he is a backup pointguard. Leave Sanders in as a starter because if you bench him, he will pout and be disruptive. Start him but quick hook with Elmore. Case closed.