Monday, January 25, 2010

Davies road to recovery and other links

This amazing story on Charlie Davies is a must read. Despite his serious injuries and multiple surgeries, Davies now has a chance to join his US teammates in South Africa for the World Cup.

BC added Tahj Kimble to the recruiting class. Like Montel Harris he is a running back from North Florida.

In this blog entry on Michigan, Andy Katz also touches on BC's troubles.

The Eagles didn't fret much about losing Tyrese Rice because he had a bit of an enigmatic personality and tended to drift. But what Rice could do, and had the respect to do it among his teammates, was get the Eagles refocused at times if the situation called for it. Biko Paris, who took over for Rice, doesn't have the demonstrative personality and neither does Reggie Jackson or Rakim Sanders. Senior Tyler Roche doesn't have that personality trait and neither does Joe Trapani. Yet, a lack of leadership in key moments has led to BC floundering in home games it should have won like against Rhode Island, Harvard and Maine.

Skinner keeps talking about our effort and consistency. I just want to see a Clemson game where we don't get behind by 20 points.


Dan said...

"That scar came after doctors peeled his face off down to his chin in order to repair the multiple fractures that left his facial bones a shattered mess."

That is seriously hardcore.

Kimble looks like a nice addition. If he's ok with Montel, he's ok with me.

Erik said...

As documented many times, and continually proven by BC every season, recruiting is a craps shoot. That said, I am pretty pleased with the class we have committed to date. Seems like some solid talent.

We'll be rady for USC in 2013!

mod34b said...

Yes, the recruiting class is looking very good by BC standards this year. For example, Rettig is ranked nationally as the #21 QB. At #21, Rettig is the highest ranked QB recruited by any ACC team this year.

Maybe we are looking at another 2003 recruitng class that brought BC several future NFL players, including 2 first round picks.

As for Kimble, he looks like he has got that BC potential. He did get some interest from Big Ten programs, but curiously while he had some interest from FSU and Wake, he got no offers from any ACC school

Here's the info on Kimble's offes from Rivals:

Boston College COMMITTED (01/25/2010)
Buffalo Offered
Florida Atlantic Offered
Florida State NO OFFER
Indiana Offered
Iowa State Offered
Middle Tennessee State Offered
Minnesota Offered
Purdue Offered
Tulane Offered
Wake Forest No OFFER

mod34b said...

He did get some interest from Big Ten programs, but curiously while he had some interest from FSU and Wake, he got no offers from any ACC school other than BC, of course

Raj said...

Between Herzlich and Davies, this could be the year of the comeback.

Erik said...

Just scooped up tix for Beanpot Finals Feb 8. I really hope BC beats Harvard on Monday, who isn't having a great year. If the Eagles play the consolation at 5:00, it means less and eliminates the opportunity to hit the bars.

SaturdaysOnShea said...

Despite what some people think and have said about Tyrese's attitude, etc. he did always strike me as an emotional leader of the team, especially last season as the only senior. We are certainly feeling the effects of his leaving, if not talent wise, then definitely in the intangibles.

Dan said...

Holy crap that Raji dunk was sick!! Definitely be Top 10 tonight.

Big Jack Krack said...

Here we go - can we hold a lead in the 2nd half in front of this enthusiastic crowd of 3,500 in Conte?

Weather is no problem.

Big Jack Krack said...

Hey we inbounded against the press for a layup - wow, there's hope!

Big Jack Krack said...

Biko at the free throw line at crunch time - Oh Boy!!!

Maybe we'll pull it off in spite of the defensive gaffe at 44 seconds.

Jackson - yes!

Big Jack Krack said...

Jackson defense - no!

Big Jack Krack said...

Jackson - yes!!! :-)

Biko - Oh Boy!!!

Jackson - yes!!!

Congratulations BC!! You showed character tonight!!!

Dan said...

While bizarre, I did enjoy the commentators' GlenGarry Glen Ross reference.

chicagofire1871 said...

It's shocking how quickly Davies is recovering from those injuries. Let's hope his progress continues on the trajectory he's on. The US team could certainly use his help since Dempsey got injured. If both make it back and are at 100%, we could be through to the 2nd round with ease.

almost_paul said...


Now lets see if they can actually carry momentum from one game to the next. Reggie is the key.

matthew2 said...

BJK --

I was at Conte tonight and at the tip, there was not an impressive crowd. However, at the first half rolled on, I would say there must have been at least 6,000 there tonight. And the crowd was relatively lively, as well.

I know this was somewhat of a trendy game, but not a bad job by the crowd... definitely responding to the increased intensity of the team.

The students on the floor were jam packed and lively, but the quantity wasn't impressive beyond them... very few filled in the red seats behind the floor seats.

Big Jack Krack said...

Thanks Matthew - glad to hear that the atmosphere was better than it may have appeared on TV.

I wish there was a way for our Athletic Administration to get the students and younger fans near the floor on the sides - as well as beneath the baskets. The DB seating on the red midcourt seats are quite empty it seems - let's reduce those and change some of the rows over to bench seats for the students and young alums. It's better to fill the joint for less $ per seat than to make the same amount for thousands of empty seats - my opinion. Either that or get rid of donor-based seating for basketball.

We'll fill up the red seats behind the baskets as we show more heart and begin competing and winning - "very few filled in the red seats behind the floor seats."

Tonight was a very good start to the rest of the season.

Matt said...

I guess the crowd looked bad on TV. Had a friend text that it was too bad no one showed up...but the alum attendance especially was good. As Matthew said, could definitely use more students. What else is going on Tuesday nights these days?

I thought the best signs of life were from Al. I beat him up as much as anyone, but the press was a nice change of pace (even if it was an obvious move with Stitt out). He was making offensive-defensive subs at the end...and on a bad out of bounds call he ran up the sideline yelling and the call was overturned.

Love Reggie's poise on the line at the end. Very clutch. I really like Elmore's minutes too. Plays smart, plays hard D, hit two J's with confidence. Our depth finally showed a little more tonight. Keep it rolling against FSU, and on a Sunday at 3, with no football on, let's hope for a full house.

Matt said...

also, south carolina hanging with #1 Kentucky. Would like to see SC win this one

Lenny Sienko said...

Credit when credit is due: the defensive adjustment to take advantage of Stitt's absence was excellent. I don't think this group will ever be a great trapping, pressing team; but the effort was there tonight and the change paid off.

I wonder if Coach Al would ever consider using a zone on a more regular basis?

I agree Coach Skinner seemed more into the game and more animated than in a long time. Good--let's hope that can continue. The kids do take their cues from him.

Once again, Elmore was a pleasant surprise off the bench and Dunn also made an important contribution, especially with the key offensive rebound and put back basket.

Good Luck...keep it up.

Harry Collins said...

More of the drum I've been beating. BC needs more Jackson and Elmore (combined 6-9 FGs, 11-12 FTS, 8 assists v. 3 turnovers), and less Paris and Sanders (combined 4-12 FGs, 5-12 FTs, 3 assists v. 7 turnovers). That's all you gotta do, Al, play the good, sit the bad.

Backup Paris was his usual crappy self. The game just slows down to a grind, with no ball movement when he is running the point. And the free throws? C'mon, 2-6 (2-9 when you factor in the 3 front end 1 and 1s he clanged) from the stripe? That totally sucks. People wonder why BC has slow starts to the halves...ever think maybe it's because Backup is running the show? It's no coincidence, it's not Skinner's halftime adjustments. The crappy pointguard is back on the floor, that's why BC looks so bad coming out of the lockerroom.

Never has this stuff been more evident than in this game - during the 5 game minutes at the beginning of the game and the 5 game minutes at the beginning of the 2nd half tonight (when Backup was playing and Reggie was on the bench), BC got slaughtered. Absolutely slaughtered. To the tune of 19-6 by my count. The rest of the game, BC cleaned Clemson's clock. Time to make a change. Backup got 23 minutes tonight, and that's about 10 (the minutes referenced above perhaps?) too many.

On the plus side, nice job by Dunn and Roche tonight, and overall defensive effort was there.

CT said...

You mean play the heart and soul of the team--the only guy who can create a shot and the only intangibles guy--and don't play an intramural point guard and the headcase? I don't know where we'd be without such prescient analysis. We've all sorta seen Sanders devolve before our very eyes into what he has become. And was anyone sold on Paris prior to the season? Based on what? My kingdom for Jermaine Watson, a limited point guard with moxie.

Good win, too bad we flubbed the beginning and end of the VTech game. Would be surprised if this team finishes .500 in conference, but laying off Skinner feels good. Thought they gave up on the season vs. Maryland at home when they got run off the court and were never close. Could be somebody found some heart in a locker and passed it around. We shall see.

Of course, this could be the beginning of a typical Clemson season...start 19-1 (or so) and finish 3-10. It's like the tides.

More importantly, let's be honest...nothing says intimidation like Conte Forum.

Ry said...

on the postgame with sarandis, moe cassara said that he expected the team to show more of the 1-2-2 press...with the dept that we are seeing coming off the bench, it makes sense to rotate fresh legs and keep the pressure up. i have been really impressed with elmore. he has obviously worked hard to get into the lineup and he really acquits himself well out there when he is given the chance.

ditto for dunn. he doesn't show much on offense, but he plays hard D and he rebounds consistently. the points he scored tonight were huge and are a nice thing to see.

harry, i saw somewhere that BC was + 26 with jackson on the floor and -20 with him off. that's all the proof you need i would think...pretty striking difference.

CHI_Eagle said...

Let's not overlook the obvious... BC was 24-35 from the foul line tonight. Clemson was 6-12. Though our % wasn't great, anytime you triple your opponent in FT attempts, you have a real good shot at winning. Skinner has to love seeing that...

Harry Collins said...

I really think this team can be competitive with just a few minutes adjustments, primarily starting Jackson and letting him play until he is tired. Spell him with Backup, maybe 10-12 minutes a game, that's it - sandwich Backup's minutes around media timeouts at the 12 minute mark of each half. Other than, give Reggie the ball and get out of his way. Yeah, he is not a true pointguard, and his handle is just so-so, but I'll take the plays he makes minus the plays he doesn't make any day. The team just does not respond to Backup and never will. He can start in the MAC, but not the ACC.

Would also like to see even minutes between Elmore and Sanders from here on out. Dallas Elmore, not Len Elmore. Sanders sucks. Whatta disappointment.

matthew2 said...

I guess Ravenel has fallen out of favor? Or was he hurt... anyone know?

I love this team when Raji and Elmore are hitting the midrange jumpers. Elmore is gaining confidence by the minute, and the crowd appreciates what he does.

Roche is a nice role player. Finally comfortable out there, perhaps, being a senior.

Sanders made a couple of nice plays... more than he has recently, though he still didn't play very well. He looks so slow out there. I remember him making a nice move on the offensive end -- then he defended as well as I've ever seen, and boxed out exceptionally well to grab the defensive rebound.

What a head case.

The team seems to be evolving, (C) Skinner...

You can see the minutes changing. Next week is February.... Duke is coming in.... Let's get some momentum fellas.