Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A word about college coaching

Last year during our strange coaching shift, I thought it would be a long time before you would see anything like it again. How wrong I was. Since then college football fans have seen Urban Meyer's flip flop, Mike Leach's showdown with the James family and Lane Kiffen sneak back to Southern Cal after one year on Rocky Top. The lesson in all of this -- and the reminder from last year -- is that just because these guys are in the spotlight and make big bucks doesn't mean their office politics and work drama are all that different from yours or mine. Insecurity, burnout, pettiness, inappropriate behavior, meddling, micromanaging, jealousy, control and money are dynamics of any job regardless if you are a CEO of a fortune 500 company, a coach or day 1 as an intern. That is why I hope when things are related to BC, that the decision makers are sensible, rational and always try to put BC first.


neenan said...

Self interest is man's driving force. Align the coach's self interest with the school's and things work out. Nobility required by none. Coach will only put BC first if it coincides with his interests.

blist said...

Loyalty is what separates us from the beasts. Even football coaches showed be expected to show some of it.