Tuesday, January 12, 2010

LeGrande's DUI

For those who missed it, Dominick Legrande was arrested for DUI over the break. I don't know what if anything BC will do. I don't know New York laws for DUI or underage drinking but I imagine this will all work itself out. Hopefully he will be smarter next time. Thanks to Mike for the heads up.


chicagofire1871 said...

Disappointing news. In terms of his short term future at BC, one of the good things about BC's location is that you do not need to have a car on campus or even use one during your 4 years at the school. (loads of money saved on gas/insurance).

Matt said...

17 point dogs tonight, any chance we cover?

Quote from Reggie in the Herald today, about the Maine game - " I think boredom was a big factor in us becoming robotic"

Erik said...

It's not BC related, but since we've gone through some coaching changes recently, I find this fascinating. Kiffin is a douche, and also it is strange how a coach can completely not embrace his school. How can this happen at Tennessee?


BCMike said...

16 points is the current line...

And take it for what it's worth, but I think we have a chance at the upset. If we've been taught anything, it's that this team gets up for big games and down for smaller ones (Clemson being the exception).

I would bet hard on BC covering the 16...

Erik said...

I hope you're right, Mike. I don't feel good for two reasons (beyond the obvious they're better than we are):

1. We stink against the press, and all the lame Dook players will be dying to impress Coach K, Dukie V, and Cameron Crazies with their "hustle", so I expect 40 minutes of backcourt turnovers
2. Duke is coming off a loss to GT, so they'll be focused to get a win.

But I hope we counter. The frustrating things about watching BC this year has been lack of hustle and enthusiasm. If they come out with intensity, who knows what they're capable of.

Big Jack Krack said...

BCMike - I'm much more of a pessimist in this game. It would be great to see our guys compete.

However, I smell a 25+ point loss for sure. Hope I'm wrong, but I wouldn't count on us covering that line tonight based on the past performances this year.

Big Jack Krack said...

Erik - you've got Kiffin's number - what a jerk. Tough to play for that kind of jerk.

mod34b said...
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