Tuesday, January 12, 2010

He said it

Nobody wants to play in the Emerald Bowl
-- USC WR Brice Butler
regarding Pete Carroll's desire to move on to greater challenges. Aside from the outcome, I sort of liked the Emerald Bowl. I guess Brice hasn't seen some of the other ACC options.


CT said...

there's the difference in expectation.

has anyone seen the cnnsi.com special report on a usc assistant coach's use of team doctors for his painkiller addiction? and carroll's knowledge of it?

looks like the rats are jumping ship.

Dan said...

Also saw the painkiller stuff. When it rains it pours.

I think this whole USC situation makes our loss all the more frustrating. There was obviously way more behind the scenes turmoil that probably impacted how much we were able to hang with SC in this game. We really had a chance. Secondly, if we had won I have a feeling us beating them would be getting some more attention in the nonstop daily articles that are getting written about Carrol all over the country. Would've been some pretty nice exposure.

chicagofire1871 said...

Agreed that the Emerald Bowl is not the Rose Bowl, but as far as 3rd tier bowls are concerned and non-BCS bowls in general, the Emerald is one of the best run bowls in the country. ACC-PAC10 was a compelling machtup nearly every year and it boggles my mind why every school in the ACC expect BC (go figure) wanted to swap this one for the Advocare 100 Independence Bowl in friggin' Shreavesport, LA. Okay, so Clemson, North Carolina etc don't want to fly cross country to SF, but do they really think Shreavesport is going to be that much more compelling for their fans?!

neenan said...

Chicago --

BC = Worldly

Clemson, UNC = Homers

SF is too scary for the rednecks and they got cuzzin' in Shreavaport too. That's why we are getting the mobile toilet bowl soon too. Homer's luv it. Fulled up the car, packeded the cooler with beer and meat, and drive 100-500 miles and you will be luvin life! Airport and SF: hell no.

Dan said...

"Specially dont want them there Obamer Scanners looking at my jumbly business."

mmason said...

Dan, Jeb & Chi Fire--
Y'all nailed it. San Francisco--or "Frisco", as the rednecks and Angelino's call it, is civilized and beautiful and therefore, threatening. It was the perfect stage for BC to pop USC, and even though we hung with those guys, we need to learn from this. There's a future out there for great academic institutions like BC to put the whoop on teams like the Trojans. It's something that is in Spaziani's vision. As for Brice--he's a sophomore who has not learned much off the field--typical SC 'tude. We'll see these guys again in '12 or '13, right? Mmmmm. I like it.

CT said...

don't know the behind-the-scenes 411 on the bowl switch, but i don't know if i'd be so quick to label our conference brethren hillbillies that wanted the change. i'm all for stereotypes, makes my life easier, but this is the acc, not the sec.

even uga fans hated the thought of going to shrevesport in dec. if the dawgs dislike it, maybe it's not a 'neck issue. dawgs and 'necks are synonymous. whoops, too big a word for some of us 'lanta natives. maybe some other blogger can tell me what that word means.

money, money. wac 1/2/3 vs. 6th place pac-10 next yr. right? then army and navy after that. lots of bases out there. lots o' tickets sold.

do those there obamer scanners tingle? is moonshine legal in mobile? yee haw.

neenan said...

c'mon dr. ct, you know the avg dawg or redneck is a dumb ass who is as self reflective as a blackhole.

Beer, meat, country music, firearms, military, pickup trucks, First cousin in the back of the pickup = southern life. FSU, NCST, VT, GT, CCCCClemson....you get it.

Guess if you are a smart guy from that northernish city in the south you leave. go to BC. smart.

Coast said...

I'm bored, so I'll bite.

Jeb Clampet (or did you mean Jed Clampett?), way to paint all Southerners with that same brush. Well, almost all: how come you're not throwing Vanderbilt and Duke under the bus?

Classic case of the oppressee becoming the oppressor. I'm sure you're tired of Southerners running their mouths about kicking the Yankee school back to the Big East.

Don't confuse your wine and cheese for being cosmopolitan. Football isn't yachting. The only difference between a Southern dummy and a Masshole is his accent.

Time to go shoot some guns, eat red meat, and hang out with my hot first cousin. Peace.

BCDisco said...

Coast: Touche

neenan said...

Coast, you must be some dandy from parts west. The family name is spelled clampet, not clampett, and my name is Jeb, same name as the President of Florida. My corrupted and successful brother is Jed. He eventually became a west coast dandy too.

But don't take your self too seriously Coast. Good 'ol boys are good 'ol boys and no extra sensitive coast west dandy is going to change that. We don't go north of the mason dixon line or west of the mississippi. That's all you need to know.

If you are saying that if a masshole changed his accent and moved in his pickup truck south he'd be a good 'ol boy, well then you just don't know jack.

CT said...

jeb, if you weren't some damn yankee, i dun think we culd be friends.

my cuzzin belongs in my truck. not yurs.

support war. and the trouppes. hunt and drink bud. life in the confederacy is good.

btw, the war was ur fault.

neenan said...

C o a s T
C oas T



ergolia: CT = COAST

yu blu yer covered

CT said...

wrong jebby...but good effort...