Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hockey beats Northeastern and other links

Sunday was a good day for hockey. The US and Canada played a classic in Vancouver and BC smashed Northeastern in Boston. Brian Gibbons led the way with a hat trick.

I assume most people read the Globe and Herald's coverage of the UNC game, but this ESPNBoston story might have been overlooked.

The baseball team had a nice weekend in New Orleans, but couldn't close out the sweep. Former Eagle Tony Sanchez is adjusting to his first big league camp.


Gorgias said...

"I assume most people read the Globe "

Good Lord, No. I won't even let them deliver that rag to my house for free.

matthew2 said...

you would make a good senator.

Jim said...

BC got a shoutout during the olympic game. One of the announcers pointed out that Brooks Orpik was a "product of Boston College."

Erik said...

just sitting here thinking about how we've beaten UNC in basketball a handful of times but can't beat them in football. Bizzaro World.