Sunday, April 04, 2010

Predictions for the week

1. BC wins the National Championship in Hockey. (I will try to get a more informed hockey guy to post some stuff prior to Thursday.)

2. BC hires a new basketball coach by Wednesday. The new coach has already interviewed. No new candidates emerge this week. Coen interviews Monday, but no one thinks he will elevate himself into the mix. That leaves Donahue and Cooley.


Zach said...

The new coach has already been hired, barring an incredible move for Brad Stevens following his game Monday. I don't think Butler lets him leave though. That's why Donahue gets hired on Tuesday. And deservedly so.

As far as hockey, I have watched them intently all year, and I just don't think they get by Miami. I was praying for Michigan, but the RedHawks have everything going for them, physically and emotionally. We have had their number in 06, 07, and 08, but this year, they are the top team for a reason. It's going to be a sad night in Detroit on Thursday night, and I'll be there to witness the tragedy in person.

JP from Dorchester said...

I think Jerry has his guys ready for Miami Thursday night. Those CCHA teams love to wear you down with physical play, but I think playing in Hockey East gets you ready for big, physical teams.

I would be more worried about Wisconsin at this point. They seem to be on fire. But, I also think the regionals showed us that BC can win a slower paced, defensive game (Alaska) and a wide-open offensive contest. I think we're in for a big weekend.

GordonsLeftFoot said...

I can't say I'm too enthused about this potential Donahue hire. Had Skinner left under different circumstances (i.e. was not fired by Gene D) Cooley and Coen would bet getting more serious looks.

Unfortunately Gene D painted himself into this corner where hiring anyone who used to work under Skinner would go against his "change" mantra. It's too bad, both of them would be much better than Donahue (who rode one class to the sweet 16 and has never coached in a big D-1 conference).

Erik said...

Hockey has playing much better in March than it did for many stretches this season, so I'd like to think our momentum and ability to score on all 4 lines can get us by Miami. The make-or-break is likely how our defense & goalie play.

As far as a "intangible", Ford Field looks pretty wide open on the webcam, so I think it will be a noticeable difference in atmosphere from a hockey arena. Our experience playing a game at Fenway already could give us a leg up for that environment.

Anonymous said...

"It's too bad, both of them would be much better than Donahue (who rode one class to the Sweet 16 and has never coached in a big D-1 conference)."


Please name the last BC football, basketball or hockey coach that coached in a "big D-1 conference" before coming to BC?

I started this last week, but got sidetracked. Donahue has:

1. Gone to 3 straight NCAAs

2. Made it to the round of 16 this year.

3. Won three straight Ivy League Championships, a league dominated by 2 schools for the last 40+ years. Sound familiar? See Duke and Carolina in the ACC.

4. Recruited at a hockey first school in the snow belt. Sound familiar? Christ, I think squash was bigger than hoops in Ithaca when I was there for grad school.

5. Recruited in an outpost location in comparison to the rest on the Ivy League locations (except for Dartmouth). See BC's location to the ACC.

6. Comes from the Philly school of college coaches, which is too long of a list for this morning.

7. Syracuse is the Pro team of central NY, same as Boston is a pro town.

As much as I like Donahue, I also like Cooley. I personally think they are an even flip with the edge simply being to which way Gene wants to go, inside or outside. Either was, I think we will have the best basketball coach since Tom Davis at BC by the end of the week.

BCDoubleEagle said...

York coached in the CCHA (Bowling Green) before coming to BC.

GordonsLeftFoot said...

All I'm saying is that he rode this class of seniors to 3 straight IVY titles after posting one winning season in his first seven. Coen and Cooley have done more for their schools in half that time.

My post was more of an indictment on GD. For all his talk about getting someone to come in and energize the student body (Pearl? Stevens? Mooney? Rice?), the three candidates we've landed on don't really instill that sort of excitement. I will say this though, I'd gladly take any one of them over Skinner or Amaker.

mod34b said...

I am warming to Donahue... even if he is an 'o' guy.

"Donahue was given the Clair Bee Coach of the Year Award, which honors a Division I men's basketball coach who through his actions on and off the court makes an outstanding contribution to the sport of college basketball. The criteria for this award include a coach's ability to inspire, motivate, coach, and educate his team to achieve its fullest potential awhile insisting upon and demonstrating outstanding character and academic success. Missouri's Mike Anderson was the 2009 recipient of the award.

Donahue has already been named the NABC District Coach of the Year, the midseason Hugh Durham Coach of the Year by as the top mid-major coach in the country, and a finalist for both the Hugh Durham Award and the Jim Phelan Award for national coach of the year. His leadership pushed Cornell to the first Sweet 16 appearance by an Ivy League tournament in the 64/65 team field and an Ivy League record 29 victories."

Coach K won Clair Bee award a few years back.. Donahue has impressed the college world, and has proven he can win if he get the right players (which he went out and got). Let's give him a go.

Cornell certainly would have beaten BC this year. So we are improving. Ben Stevens is very young, and seems to be more of wildcard than Donahue.

Donahue is a way better choice than Skinner-ites Coen and Cooley.

Unknown said...

How come nobody is talking about PJ CARLESIMO as a leading candidate for the BC Men's Basketball opening? The guy is a perfect fit. Great coach, Winner, Hellof a recruiter, And a great salesman/spoelesperson. What am I missing?

blist said...

I could be off here, so forgive the potential slander - but didn't PJ have some whiff of controversy around him in college?
Plus, if Latrell Spreewell doesn't like him....

I like Donahue, if it turns out he's the choice. But doesn't really seem the type of coach you fire Skinner to get

Lenny Sienko said...

Menton of Missouri's Mike Anderson reminds me of the type of basketball I'd like to see at BC; i.e. "run & gun" and "40 minutes of Hell" pressing defense.

Too bad, Anderson has been signed to an extension at Missouri.

Let's hope whoever gets the job will bring the excitement.

blist said...

Re. hockey - the back half of the season they've been playing up or down to the competition - I though Anchorage was a little plodding and BC looked sloppy. they were much sharper against Yale, then got sloppy when they had the 5 goals (or whatever) lead.

I am sure Miami is very good, but I think one of the hallmarks of our great teams is the explosiveness/agressiveness to score shorthanded goals, which it looks like we have this year

Erik said...

You can't find info on the football team anywhere. Understandable with bball & hockey being in the news, but there is no evidence that spring football is even happening.

Even Heather's blog has only been covering 11 teams for about 10 days.

mod34b said...

Andy Katz saying Izzo-ite, Gregory opted against interviewing with BC and would rather stay at Dayton (must be a loser! for real, stAying at Dayton omg!!!)

"According to sources, the reason Gregory and Mooney decided against jumping to Boston College and the Atlantic Coast Conference is the comfort level they feel at their respective jobs -- a coup for the A-10. Both jobs are at 'basketball-first' programs, where the sport doesn't take a back seat to football for facilities or finances."

"Sources said the possible expansion of the NCAA tournament to 96 teams also played a role. Dayton and Richmond are expected to remain top-tier programs in the A-10 and an expanded field would give them greater access to the NCAAs than rebuilding Boston College within the rugged ACC. "

Bravesbill said...

Terribly sad that BC can't attract any coaches from decent mid-tier schools.

mod34b said...

Of course, let's not forget that Mooney and Gregory are also playing the coach game and trying to present themselves as the ones who turned down jobs -- even when the job was never offered to them. (why else would Gregory reach out to Katz to make this public?)

A little PR spin that makes them look good to recruits, current employers (who might give more $$) and to the next big school that puts them on the interview card.

You have to take these prouncement with a grain of salt. There are opportunists on all sides.

blist said...

True mod- after all it looks bad for Gregory if it's believed he wasn't considered by BC -- if BC won't even look at a successful coach from another Catholic school, then who else will? So he has to plant that story in a way.

Bravesbill said...

Gregory may be planting a story but Mooney sure was not.

mod34b said...

To plant a story is, to me, saying they put out false info. I am NOT saying that.

Each guy put his spin on real facts (i.e., GDF did talk to Mooney and, apparently Gregory, by phone) by lobbying reporters with stories that put them in a favorable light.

mod34b said...

Globe: Decision close; looks like Donahue

Galvin said...

I thought I had read somewhere that Tom Thibodeau (Celts assistant) had his name cast into the coaching carousel. Anyone else hear this? Perhaps internet nonsense, but I wouldn't mind interviewing him if he were at all interested.

Unknown said...

PJ CARLESIMO had no controvery in college. He jumped to the pros and an overpayed loser choked him because he rode him hard about performing - typical NBA. PJ is the best choice.

Anonymous said...

“It’s more geography now than an NBA thing. When the Seton Hall and St. John’s jobs opened, I didn’t say, ‘Wow, I’ve got a chance to go back to the Big East.’ That was a strong indicator that it wasn’t right.”

Unknown said...

Our experience playing a game at Fenway already could give us a leg up for that environment.I just don't think they get by Miami. I was praying for Michigan, but the RedHawks have everything going for them, physically and Dmotionally.Either was, I think we will have the best basketball coach since Tom Davis at BC by the end of the week.

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