Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Cassara's unexpected rise and other links

The other day I wrote about how the BC coaching change helped Cooley and Coen even though they didn't get the BC job. Well no one is this process benefited more than Hofstra's new coach Mo Cassara. The former BC assistant almost lost his job for the second time in two months, only to be promoted to the newly vacant head job at the Long Island school. Now he is a head coach at a mid major with good potential upside! Although his time at BC didn't end well, I wish Mo nothing but the best and hope he can take the Pride to the next level. He also proves a few cliches true -- good things happen to good people and timing is everything.

Mr. College Football is the latest pundit to rank BC in the middle of the division.

Donahue stills needs a body to two for this recruiting class, but is already making plans for 2011. He offered local product Dennis Clifford a scholarship last week. Hopefully they can get the big man to commit this summer.

Here is the latest recruiting roundup from the ACC Sports Journal. The Journal also has a pretty good spring summary from EA's Eric Hoffses.

Herzy was on Ivan Maisel's podcast.

Finally, you may have seen this elsewhere but please support the BC Club of Atlanta and, blogger/friend BCMike in their annual performance at Relay for Life.


CT said...

Big ups to BCMike for the relay.

Looks like we're still competing with mid-majors for bball talent. The more things change...

Barnhart probably had to be paid extra to write about the ACC. Seems the projected standings are recycled every year. He's such an SEC guy, having gone to UGA, that he wrote such classics as, "What It Means To Be a Bulldog," "Dooley: My 40 Years at Georgia," and "Southern Fried Football." If it ain't the Iron Bowl or Between the Hedges, it doesn't count. Such insight as, "FSU returns its offensive line, so that's a strength, ergo they will win" is why very few people in SEC la-la land could find Boston on a map. Ask them about Auburn's secondary and he'll go three-deep. Don't burn yourself out there, Tony. We all know the ACC is a bball conference. Yee-haw.

Happy Cinco de Mayo. I went to Home Depot to celebrate and learned the Spanish word for "lumber."

BCMike said...

Thanks, CT!

Thanks Bill for the link love!