Friday, May 21, 2010

Suntrup is an Eagle

On Friday, highly touted Missouri QB recruit Christian Suntrup committed to BC. While it is way too early to speculate on Suntrup's future at BC, his commitment is a good sign that the staff's recruiting strategy and message is taking hold. Despite no previously established relationship with his high school, despite a now loaded QB depth chart, and despite plenty of offers from other programs, Suntrup decided to commit to BC now. Hats off to Dave Brock for closing out another prospect.

Suntrup seems like the type of QB we would and should recruit. Preppy, pro style, mid westerner who went to a Catholic High School. His transition to a place like BC should be pretty seamless. Suntrup is the type of guy who wants to be the next Matt Ryan. We might as well leverage that on the recruiting trail. Speaking of Ryan...the only downside I see of landing your top choice is that sentimental favorite and legacy John Loughery will probably go elsewhere.

Let's hope Suntrup gets plenty of press this summer and helps build momentum for this class.


blist said...

FWIW, BC in general has a hood rapport with the Chaminade HSs around b/c it's seen as a school that has always appreciated the school's grads (it's catholic), unlike ND & Georgetown ( no football i know), which have sometimes seemed fair-weather (so the admins of one Chiminade have said). Such rep can't hurt In sports recruiting.

blist said...

Meant "good rapport" there

eagleboston said...

Gang, get used to BC landing top-notch quarterbacks. In an era when virtually everyone runs the spread in college football, the traditional pro-style qb's need somewhere to go. Last I checked, only 12 BCS schools run a pro-set offense. Quarterbacks who have their eyes set on the NFL will look to pro-set schools as almost every team in the NFL runs the pro-set offense. Remember the questions floating around just two months ago about Tebow taking a snap under center? I'm guessing the BC recruiters will tout the benefits of learning the pro-set at the college level.

And speaking of the BC coaching staff, hats off to their recruiting over the past two years. With all of the adversity, they have done a tremendous job holding things together and painting a vision for incoming players. I'm really impressed with Spaz, even though he is more conservative than I like and I think he is building towards success at Chestnut Hill.

Dan said...

Definitely impressed with the recruits so far and Spaz's overall ability. Having a stud QB and TE are great for building the rest of the class over the summer and fall.

Two questions I have:

1) With 5 decent QBs within 1-2 years of each other, who is the first to transfer/ switch position?

2) Will we learn this year how much of last year's offensive mediocrity was Poppa Tranq's and how much was Shinskie?

Btoal said...

How about hats off to Spaz? I'm quite sure it's the head coach who closes on a recruit. This class has the potential to be even better than last years on paper.

Raj said...

Dear Coach Donahue- this is what a smooth transition with a coaching change looks like. Take notes