Tuesday, June 08, 2010

BC and ND renew deal and what it means

Some good offseason news as BC and Notre Dame agreed to a six-game extension of our Catholic rivalry. This is big news for BC and for college football.

The BC angle

Despite this game being the most popular among our fanbase, Gene D was willing to walk away from the series due to Notre Dame's demands. We would not sign up for a lopsided series (i.e. 4 ND home games vs 3 BC home games). We entertained Notre Dame's desire for neutral site games but once again weren't willing to do it on just their terms. In this arrangement, the series continues with a few breaks in '13-14 and '17. All articles leave the door open for games beyond 2019. Although part of me dreads the Notre Dame fixation among some BC fans, congratulations are in order to the Athletic Department for pulling this off. By securing the series, the Irish help solidify our out of conference schedule, give the program that added emotional boost, and grow our history and rivalry with the only other Catholic school playing FBS football.

The College Football Angle

The commitment to BC is just one more indicator that Notre Dame is not joining the Big Ten any time soon. Would they be signing these future deals (that come with penalties if they are broken) if they were going to join the Big Ten this summer? If the Irish don't join a conference, then the Big Ten might go to 16 teams and start a chain of events that shakes up even the ACC.

I cannot tell you what the college football landscape will be like in 2019. I cannot tell you the state of BC football in 2019. I can tell you we will be playing Notre Dame -- and for better or worse -- that is all most BC fans care about.


lbkjj said...

This is great news for both schools. It made no sense not to keep this rivalry going.
I just returned from my 50th reunion and the campus is beautiful, a far cry from 50 years ago. Plans are to tear down Edmunds and St Thomas More, (law school building) as part of a major expansion.

Mike said...

Yea but what is the Notre Dame angle? Like Gene said, making sure the 2 Catholic FBS schools play? Or do you think this has to do with Weis not being there anymore and Kelly being a Massachusetts guy?

rumple said...

Good rip on GTech


和辛和辛 said...
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彥安彥安 said...
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Erik said...

I agree that I squirm at some of the things I hear from BC fans related to this game, but I enjoy the game a lot for all the right reasons, and it also means one less available slot for a MAC team so I'm excited for this deal.

It's also okay in my mind if there is the occasional 1 or 2 year break. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. If recent history is any indication, those years will be ND's "best" seasons -- smoke & mirrors by a weak schedule and no BC around to beat them.

Unknown said...
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Big Jack Krack said...

I think this is great. Secondly, a Kelly ND squad will be pretty tough, I think and this year's game should be a whopper. They're going to open up that offense and this should mean plenty of exciting plays - hopefully our D will capitalize on some mistakes and take 1 or 2 back to the house!

Here's a great "Danny Boy" for this year's game! 2nd half of this clip.


27th Lancers of Revere - 30 years ago

mod34b said...

Reports say Nebraska was/will be asked to join the B10. No other invites reported --- as in, no invites apparently extended to Rutgers, ND, Pitt.

I must say, I would hate to see RU in the Big Ten because they so do not deserve it -- e.g., having a really crappy football program for 50 years until only recently when they have barely achieved national mediocrity. Just compare RU football to Nebraska football.

So much for the idea that the B10 expansion was about cable subscriptions -- Nebraska is the 39th most populous state (just ahead of NH!)

If this is all true, it would seems to bode well for ACC stability and also seems to preserve the BE for now -- a good thing I guess.

mod34b said...

The NCAA ranked BC's schedule as one of the easiest in NCAA football. The NCAA rank is based purely on the 2009 record of opponents. Phil Steel takes into accountt other factors and finds BC is #64 toughest schedule (easiest in the ACC, but much more respectable than #102 and better than Neb, Wis, Boise, WVa and other name schools) and makes the following interesting comment:

"Boston College has won at least eight games in every season since 2001 but have not reached a BCS Bowl yet. This year the NCAA rates the Eagles schedule as one of the easiest schedules in the country at #102 and you have to think that this could be the year the Eagles break thru. However, Boston College plays in the highly competitive ACC with difficult home games against Virginia Tech and Clemson and also has to go on the road to Florida St. Not to mention they get a much improved Notre Dame team in non-conf play. The Eagles would probably take a split in those games hope to sweep everyone else just to get to 10-2. Tulane meanwhile plays the #54 schedule which features Army and SE Louisiana in non-conf games along with their CUSA schedule which has only one possible Top 25 team. If the Eagles were to switch schedules with the Green Wave, fans in Boston might be celebrating a National Title in addition to the recent success of their favorite pro teams. If the Eagles played this schedule, they would be favored by double digits in at least 10 games and the only huge obstacle would be a road trip to Houston where it would be interesting to see their great set of linebackers fare against the high-powered Cougar offense."

eagleboston said...

Good news, but we really need to beat them. I'm tired of all the ND neighbors giving me crap for this past year's loss. I don't know why they all picked my neighborhood to move to, but it sure was a lot more fun when we won.

Bravesbill said...

Uh oh, let the college football realignment begin. Once Nebraska bails, the Pac-10 is gonna swoop in and nab all 6 Big 12 teams (Texas, A&M, Tech, OK, OSU, Colorado/Baylor). The Big 10 will nab 4 more teams, the SEC will nab 4 more as well. Will be interesting to see where BC lands...most likely in the reject conference with the scraps left over from the ACC, Big East, and Big 12. If BC gets even a whiff of an invite from the Big 10, it needs to go all out to get in.

eagleboston said...


This is huge! We knew this was coming but the college football landscape as we know it has drastically changed. I question why college football would want to tinker with greatness but it's a done deal now. Conferences will expand to bloated proportions. Current BCS schools will get shut out. Look for the ACC to get raided by the SEC and the Big Ten may make a move for Maryland. The ACC will survive (mainly due to basketball) and BC will be fortunate to still be in a BCS conference. But I do see 2-4 ACC schools departing the conference.

Could Notre Dame be a possible ACC addition?

I don't like this. College football was great as it was, but this news is bringing excitement to the offseason.

Bravesbill said...

The ACC might survive but it's going to be an afterthought much like the Big East now. Let's face it, basketball does not not bring in the dollars or prestige to a conference. If it did, Kansas and Kansas State wouldn't be faced with the prospect of being homeless after the realignment. Football is the be all, end all, and the ACC is going to be an also-ran if it survives at all.

CT said...

I'm glad that the BC-ND rivalry will continue. It's good for everyone.

That Tech article was awful. So factually wrong as to be comedic.

Things are going to get scary interesting in the next week with regard to expansion. We know it's coming. People who are not concerned if the ACC responds by getting UConn or programs similar are in for a rude awakening. An average football conference with 1 BCS win and no history of an at-large bid could be further diminished. I hope the Commish is on the phone and ahead of the curve.