Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Larmond ready to step up and other links

HD gave BC some more pub...this time with a feature on Colin Larmond Jr. HD is right in that Larmond will be a focal point of the offense next year. I think his upside is huge, but he will need a lot of help. First from Shinskie who will have to start looking off of him on occasion (in order to free him up -- if that makes sense). He will also need his fellow WRs to step up. If he is the only option other teams will key on him all day.

Brady Heslip has made his decision and will transfer to Baylor. Good luck to him, but this whole thing still seems like such a waste.

People keep talking about our easy schedule yet no one is considering the fact that Duke and UVA might be better than the experts think.

Pat Dean was excited about being drafted and now must decided if he signs or comes back to BC.


eagleboston said...

These "weakness of schedule" lists are as worthless as pre-season predictions. I admit I do them myself and have fun doing so, but in no way should they be taken seriously. Many great teams in the pre-season don't pan out. Every year there are at least a dozen teams that come out of nowhere to make bowl games. Injuries play a huge factor in a team's success and that cannot be forecasted in the pre-season. Clemson, Florida State, Notre Dame, and Virginia Tech are guaranteed tough games. I also think Wake, Duke, NC State and Virginia will be solid opponents. We don't play Miami, North Carolina or Ga Tech and that makes the schedule easier than last year as all 3 should be in the running in the Coastal.

eagleboston said...

By the way, my brother said his neighbor, a BC baseball player, was drafted by the Mariners.

Congrats to all of the BC baseball athletes getting drafted over the past couple years.

theguymoney said...

Baylor??? What conference are they gonna be in again?

CT said...

The season comes down to whether Shinskie has adjusted to college defenses after 12 months of adjusting to college girls, college classes, Jesuits, binge drinking, college parking, beer pong, the BCPD, and finding the cafeteria. The schedule is irrelevant. Shinskie's "adjustment" process or Homer's Odyssey journey...which will end first?

Do we play Wake, Duke, NCSU, and UVA? Great. Those teams kinda stink. No Skinner, Al or Riley, Duke, come on, O'Brien's ceiling is apparently now 7 wins with great facilities, and UVA has an offense that a high school cheerleading squad could stop with a fierce cheer. Nobody should ever complain about an ACC schedule.