Saturday, June 12, 2010

Just when I think I am done, media fires up Big Ten talk

I don't think BC will ever get a Big Ten invite, but it has to be mentioned that today three different articles all picked BC as the best candidate for the Big Ten. Interestingly two of the articles are built on the idea that Notre Dame would be the 13th Big Ten team and we would be their "partner" at 14. Who says that only BC fans consider this a rivalry.

First this short bit from the Courier Post in south Jersey.
The school to go after would be Boston College.

That would bring the Boston TV market to the Big Ten Network and add an instant rivalry. In addition to Notre Dame-Michigan, Notre Dame-Michigan St. and Notre Dame-Purdue, you’d also have Notre Dame-Boston College. And remember, Penn State-Notre Dame has had its moments, too.

Then there was this profile from an Iowa paper. Every one keeps mentioning the academics, but I think that aspect is overblown. If the Big Ten was making decisions based purely on academics they would have invited Mizzou before Nebraska.

This article is all about Notre Dame, but sees BC as a key chip in luring the Irish in.

The conference would then add a 14th school - I vote for Boston College, which would draw the Boston market and add a natural rivalry to entice Notre Dame - and be done with expansion. No need to add Rutgers, Maryland or Missouri if Notre Dame is already on board.

As I keep saying, we are not going to the Big Ten, but it is refreshing to hear BC praised. At times it feels like we are unappreciated in the ACC.


blist said...

Sifting through the ACC boards and articles, you get sick of the 'distance' and 'northern school' stuff that gets tossed around by many of the ACC folks as a reason we don't fit. Ever since the the BC Big Ten rumors started in December, I really only come across positive thoughts on BC from the BigTen fans and some enthusiasm to have us in their conference, other than the overblown AAU status and private school status. I remember when some of the BigTen teams played at BC and it was a really fun roadtrip for those fans who brought their RVs etc.
I also think the schools that have whatever 'it' factor that made them desirable before still have that working in their favor over pure TV considerations - Nebraska with its f'ball enthusiasm and tradition over desperate, but more populous Missouri, for one. So by that logic, if BC was desireable over the rest of the Big East (besides Miami) five years ago by the ACC why would the Big Ten see Rutgers, UConn et al as better choices now than BC?

mod34b said...

Good points blist

Southern chauvinism does get tiresome

eagleboston said...

As I commented last week, I think the only way BC gets a Big Ten invite is if Notre Dame demands it as a condition of ND joining the conference.

I would also not discount the Leahy angle. He grew up in Iowa and is more familiar with the history and tradition of the Big Ten than the ACC.

I like the ACC but I don't get the feeling the other schools respect us or feel that we belong. Having the only 2 Catholic schools in the same conference would make a lot of sense and BC does have a history with Michigan and Penn State in football. The major drawback to the Big Ten would be road games. Although ACC schools are far away, all Big Ten schools, with the exception of Penn State are over 700 miles from Boston. However, the millions in Big Ten money would more than compensate for that.

Finally, the Big Ten would clearly be the best situation for BC alumni outside of New England. While I'm grateful that I can see most BC games on TV, I really don't like watching games on the crappy ESPN 3 through my laptop. The Big Ten Network is already on at least 1 cable system in Boston and I think Boston folks would be drawn to Notre Dame and Penn State games in addition to BC.

I agree with ATL it is very unlikely, but who can truly predict this craziness of conference realignment?

BCDisco said...

Agreed. BC to the AAU 12 (formerly known as the Big 10) is a longshot. At this point, it sounds like Delany will stand pat and wait and see what ND decides to do.

ATL brought up a good point in a previous post. How much do Leahy and GDF want to go through with this again? I mean, Delany and/or ND would have to basically beg BC to come on board.

In any case, BC would not be any better of a fit in the AAU 12 than in the ACC. The problem is, the best fit for BC is a mythical conference. The Big East is nothing like what Jo Pa envisioned all those years ago. So BC is forced to find a fit in the best conference it can.

Dan said...

Joining the Big 10 would be a reunion for JoePa and Spaziani and probably further solidify the recruiting pipeline we already have in Big 10 country.

I would be totally down but am reluctant because we will be even more officially be branded as money whores.

Also, maybe with all this USC drama Rettig can convince a kid or two to come east over the next 3years.