Thursday, June 03, 2010

Kickoff times and other links

We now know the scheduled kickoff times for our first two games. The first game against Weber St. is 1PM and will be on ESPN3 (formerly ESPN 360). Once we knew we would open against Weber State, ESPN3 seemed inevitable. What a wasted opportunity to give Herzy the showcase and tribute his comeback deserves. Surprisingly the Kent State game will be on TV. It will kickoff at 3:30 on ESPN U. That should actually be a fun game considering the midday start and good weather we usually have in September. Assuming we start 2-0, Virginia Tech has a good chance to be a prime time game. Notre Dame will also be on TV. The rest of our TV schedule will then depend on our record, ranking and opponent.

Our sailing dominance continued as the team won the Coed National Championship. We cannot be stopped on the water!

Here is Goodman's roundup of the ACC.

Eagle Action posted Part 1 of their annual Q&A with Gene. Not much news so far but he does discuss expansion's impact on the conference.

You can watch Southern Pigskin's preview of BC below.


mod34b said...

Go Sailing!

I saw on BCI a post that showed that since joining the ACC, BC has won just one ACC championship (soccer, i think).

But how many national championships has BC won in non-ACC sports -- sailing and hockey? 5??

maybe we shoud get the ACC to start sailing and hockey.

Good review by Southern Pigskin of football -- they have us contending for ACCCG game.

Erik said...

Looks like we got 2nd in the team event. But a coed title is nice. Can Christopher Cross sing at the team banquet?

I still agree about Weber. I can get over Boston College playing a 1-AA school on Labor Day weekend broadcast on the internet, but Mark Herzlich deserves better. ESPN promoting that "Everyone tune in to see Herzlich's 3rd game against the Hokies" is not really a story with legs.

This is going to bother me all summer, Gene.

Looking forward to this weekend's reunion!

Erik said...

Just saw an ad on for Sarah Behn basketball camp!

CT said...

We're awesome sailors.

Off the subject, but does anyone know if it's possible to find a Matt Ryan BC t-shirt with his name/number? Not a jersey. A t-shirt. Many thanks!

mod34b said...

CT aren't you little old for wearing around MATT RYAN t-shirts?

As for sailing, it turns out that almost every, if not every, ACC school has a school sailing team. Wonder why its not a sanctioned ACC sport?

eagleboston said...

Love the retro Christopher Cross reference, Erik! I haven't heard that name in 20 years.

Wow, that was a very impressive and intelligent analysis of BC's chances this fall by Southern Pigskin. Does this mean the Apocalypse is near?

The ACC is looking OK now with the Big 12 about the be raided by the Big Ten and the Pac 10. The nice ESPN contract should keep most ACC schools at bay but we may have to worry about the SEC making a pitch at Florida State and/or Miami.

Ry said...

doesn't look like sailing has conferences...just loosely organized geographic associations with teams competing in local meets throughout the year...might explain why the acc doesn't organize for that.

yeah t-shirts are so lame...i can't believe CT would ever wear a tshirt...especially one with matt ryan's name on it. you're so cool for making fun of him totally proved it right there. you are definitely the coolest.

matthew2 said...

sailing..... i'll refrain

mod34b said...

Ry. Were u wearing your Paul Pierce jersey as you typed your angry rant??

Ry said...

does that qualify as an ''angry rant?'' standards have been lowered it seems.

did you mean paul peterson? Either way, that's a ''no.'' i'm a knicks fan with all the misery that comes with it.

CT said...

Note to self: don't ever ask for help on this site again.

Right. Got it.

So, how 'bout that Pac-10 news, huh?