Thursday, June 03, 2010

Reloading on D and other links

This might be one of the better things HD has written this offseason. She takes a look at defensive consistency and notes how well we've done over the past six years. Obviously Spaz deserves the lion's share of credit for that. But it is nice to think we can "reload" each year regardless of who we lost the prior season. Plus I don't think we'll ever have to recover from a Brace/Raji/Herzy like loss again.

Finally a Steele stat where we are in the Top 10 -- career oline starts.

Rivals considers Montel Harris the 96th best player in college. No explanation of their methods or reasoning. I don't really take these silly things as slights but I have a feeling we are going to surprise a lot of people again.

Marcellus Bowman is off to Canada to play in the CFL with Winnipeg. Many BC guys have had nice careers up north. Best of luck to him.

You may have read this already, but Herzy is healthy enough to play in Tom Brady's charity flag football game.

Cory Schneider got a new deal in Vancouver.

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Andrew said...

96th in the country is really not too bad when you think about it. They are ranking every position on both sides of the ball across a lot team.

These rankings are clearly somewhat arbitrary as they included a kicker and I think its more of a compliment to be included in these lists at all.