Sunday, July 18, 2010

The courtship of Alex Murphy and other links

When Erik Murphy never really considered BC, many took it as a sign that Skinner wasn't willing to go the extra mile for local (and a legacy) recruit. Steve Donahue is not going to make the same mistake. He was the first Coach to call prized recruit Alex Murphy on June 15 (the first day coaches are allowed to reach out). In addition to Donahue's aggressiveness, I think BC has a couple other factors that should lead Alex to BC. We have a favorable roster that could ensure early playing time and a scheme that plays to his strengths. I also think Erik's struggles in Florida show that the grass is not always greener at the "bigger" program.

I understand that lists are great for offseason filler and not much thought goes into them, but how can Reggie Jackson be the 20th most important player in the ACC? Honestly, if Donahue is really going to build the offense around him, then he should be ranked well ahead of Trapani.

Here is an update that includes a few BC names from the past now coaching in the NFL.


Erik said...

So what I learned the most:
Apparently Chris Herren has stopped using heroine enough to work out high school basketball players.

(but seriously, I hope it's true that he's got his life turned around.)

It should be interesting to see how the Alex Murphy recruiting plays out. I feel that even if we don't get him, we'll be in his "final ____" list until the end. That can hurt us, but we've got enough scholarships to hang around for a while without preventing us from courting other players.

48 Days until Weber State.
69 Days until we play a Men's football team.

paivi said...

Comments like these won't help BC recuitment on Alex...
Erik's struggels in Florida,chris Herren's cocaine use...
You don't have any idea what you are talking about!

KEN said...

Matt said...

Great post! I agree with you and I hope Alex Murphy comes to BC, he would be great with Donahue and the Eagles. While BC had a couple notable departures, with three leading scorers returning and possible breakout players, they have the potential to be quite a team and Donahue has been working harder in the off-season than any NCAA basketball coach out there.

This is going to be a crucial year for Donahue. If the Eagles have a good season I think we can land some of the top 2012 recruits Donahue has been going after.

I think Joe Trapani is great and an essential starter for Eagles success, but as someone who watched several games in-person last year, Jackson has unparalleled athleticism that easily gives him the potential to be a top 10 player in the ACC this season.