Monday, July 19, 2010

Report: Gambino next BC baseball coach

According to the Herald, this afternoon BC will announce Mike Gambino has been hired as the new BC baseball coach. As I tweeted, this is a safe, sound hire. Gambino brings a nice mix of college and MLB experience. He also played and recruited at BC, so he knows what he is getting into and what sells at the school. I also appreciate that he left BC to join Peter Hughes at Virginia Tech. Sometimes that time spent away makes you appreciate what BC is all about and gives you some exposure to things that BC might need to emulate.

Congrats to Coach Gambino and let's hope when we finally have the new baseball field, we'll have a championship team playing on it.

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apbc12 said...

If Gene had done a little more homework before the basketball hire, he could have been just York's retirement away from an all-paisan athletic department.