Friday, July 16, 2010

Holloway ready to step up and other links

HD featured Max Holloway in her blog today. This is actually a good sign as the program wouldn't put him in front of her if they weren't expecting big things. In the article it mentions his declining playing time last year. No one every really explained that decision. It was curious to say the least since our starters were hardly dominating and Holloway could have used the snaps. Max has the talent. Maybe this is the year it all comes together.

Finally, Dr Saturday gets around to BC and says "why not?" Don't worry though, his hedging doesn't mean that the national sentiment on BC has changed. Most still expect us to finish third in the division.

Rivals ranked us at 35 and presented a decent preview of the team.

Pennsylvania OL prospect JJ Denman has good things to say about BC.

Florida DB Torrey Campbell is set to visit BC in two weeks.

I am not sure what their connection is/was, but you have to applaud Montel and Wes Davis for helping out at a youth football camp in Peabody.

After a rough half season in the Braves' minor league system, Ryne Reynoso is now with the Red Sox organization.

Kofi Kingston is doing the media rounds with his upcoming Money in the Bank match.


BCHysteria said...

It's cool they did that camp, but I don't know if applaud is the right word. I'm sure they received a healthy check out of it.

CT said...

Campbell is a competitive sprinter and wants to run track in college.

When I think track, I think Boston College.