Thursday, July 15, 2010

Goodreault passes away and other links

One of BC's oldest gridiron greats Gene Goodreault died Tuesday. He was 92. BC honored Goodreault in 2001 with a retired jersey as he was one of the cogs of Frank Leahy's BC teams. Goodreault was elected to the college football Hall of Fame in 1982. We (I) laud many current BC athletes for their skill and values. Goodreault's passing is a reminder that BC folks have been leaders and role models for a long time. R.I.P.

Carl Sneep just started his professional career in Pittsburgh's current development camp.

Here is more news on the Hayes brothers -- this time with a thorough feature from the Dorchester News.


Mike.Mariniello said...

More on BC hockey: Matt Lombardi signed a minor league contract with the Devils (NHL). Here is the link:

or if that does not work:

Old Heightsonian said...

Goodreault was the epitome of the BC Man. May he rest in peace.

Curious omission from his obit: the 1940 National Championship.

Old Heightsonian said...

Question: going through the BC Athletics annual report which just come out, and read the citation for new Varsity Club hall of famer Antonio Garay '02: "...was both a wrestler and a football player during his collegiate carreer. He was inducted primarily because of his exceptional wrestling record..." How did Garay wrestle at BC in 2002? Didn't we drop wrestling in the 90s?

Old Heightsonian said...

Also in the BC Athletics annual report: an article on the new deal with Under Armour. So far I'm disappointed. The new UA merchandise on the BC Bookstore website perpetuates the italics and, even worse, call maroon "crimson" or "cardinal." If you bag a "multi-million dollar deal" (per the article) with a client, can't you even get the name of the school colors right?

EagleEye2002 said...

I know Jeremy Lin has caused us a lot of grief as BC fans, but I cannot help but root for him in his quest to make it to the NBA. He played John Wall to a stalemate in the 4th quarter the other night. Check it out.

Ry said...

garay was my class year and i remember heights articles focusing on him because of the wrestling and football thing. Wrestling may have been dropped while he was still a student at bc or very shortly thereafter. There may have even been a time when the team consisted of only a handful of guys at the end.